Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle 2 Episode 14: Reunion with an Old Friend

I was seriously wanted to jump because of too much joy for this.


Elena, trying to help her friends, changed some things around Root Academy. Cafeteria Chef, called some people to clean school grounds and performing a lot of things inside the academy without permission which drove Kaito and company crazy. She also spit out some random information that she didn’t want to transfer to Root Academy in the first place.

Then, on the Orpheus Order’s side, Herbert, who appeared back from season one as P.O.G.’s branch head once, came with an Orpheus arm band and said he’ll be the leader of the Orpheus Order which made Freecell madder now that he had just lost to Kaito and his friends. Even though that Doubt challenged him to a one-on-one duel, he lost and Herbert made his way to become the Order’s new leader.

Elena then got kidnapped while she was walking back home and thinking about what she did with Root Academy earlier on and Kaito and Nonoha were both called for under Elena’s name and ended up to be fallen onto Herbert’s trap. Kaito faced two opponents, twins, in a 2 vs. 2 puzzle game but had some trouble with Nonoha as his partner.

Then, later Rook-sama came to the rescue with Bishop on top to save Elena before they could even finish the puzzle.

It was also revealed on this episode the true intensions of the Orpheus Order’s head, Klondike, and that the only person in the Order who has the original Orpheus arm band is Freecell alone.


This episode was half boring aside from the humorous introduction it had where Kaito and Gammon were furious about Elena’s doing by changing the cafeteria chef. I could probably understand them since fine dining is not really their style, at all. XD And yes, it was cute of Elena to actually try to help, or rather, to be close with the others but in a wrong way as Nonoha would say so.

I seriously thought that Nonoha’s puzzle-related ability would awaken by the sudden happening where she had to be Kaito’s partner in a puzzle-solving game but I was wrong. But then again, ROOK IS THERE, HE APPEARED AND I WAS LIKE, “HEY HERBERT, FACE YOUR DOOM IN DOUBLE!” And so the epicness of the episode starts by Kaito-Rook tag team to defeat the twins.

It was rather an easy win since Rook and Kaito have enjoyed playing so much even though it was the same puzzle that once seen from the earlier episodes of the series during Orpheus Order and Kaito’s team’s first puzzle challenge. I was a little disappointed on some point. Still, KAITO-ROOK TAG TEAM MADE ME FORGET ALL ABOUT THOSE SHIZZ.

So yeah, the real reason behind why Orpheus Order had gathered so much arm bands is now clear, it is really impossible to all six arm bands to gather in one place where in the first place, they are supposed to be scattered around the world and I do not like Freecell’s obsession towards Kaito, at all. Unlike to Rook’s during the first season.


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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