Natsuiro Kiseki Episode 12 [Final]: Goodbye Summer

That, boys and girls, was what Endless Eight SHOULD have been like.


The girls realize that the audition day is repeating itself over and over; after failing the audition again they decide to do all the things they never got the chance to during the summer, fulfilling all their wishes and creating many memories with Saki. They get the idea that passing the audition will release them from the wish, but though they succeed, the day keeps repeating itself. Finally, Rin decides that they should thank and bid the rock farewell, living audition day through once more and failing the audition again. The next day, after helping Saki pack the girls go to the rock a final time, wishing that they’ll be best friends forever.

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KyoAni could seriously learn a thing or two from Sunrise, since an episode like that was pretty much Endless Eight done right. Granted, Natsuiro Kiseki can’t abuse and exploit any mainstream popularity it doesn’t have, but let’s not talk too much about the many eccentricities of Haruhi.

It’s good that the endless summer happened. Not only did they get to really appreciate the eventual end of holidays, they also got to spend lots of time with Saki and do lots of fun things together. The repeated failure of the idol audition did hint that a thing like that just wasn’t meant to be, and in the end passing the audition even after numerous tries didn’t end the wish at all. They could have spent every single repeat trying again and again to become idols, but part of what the endless repeats taught them was that they should accept it and move on, instead of moping around (though it was funny how it was destined to be Yuka’s fault each time xD)

There was a lot of speculation in the past, but it seems that Rin’s shrine maiden mother did know about the big rock and the supernatural events. I wonder if she was in her own group of four friends (one of them being Natsumi’s mum) when she was younger, and got treated to the same miracle-full summer like her daughter experienced. It would explain how she recognized the signature light at the end, anyway. I also have this sneaking suspicion that Rin’s mum remembered all the repeats but just decided not to say anything – she did change her greeting to Rin each morning, after all.

I suppose holding hands while waking up in the morning is as close to Natsumi x Saki as we’re going to get *sighs* While Saki does end up moving, it’s not a depressing departure and everyone is holding their heads up high, ready to take on the challenges they’ll all face in the future. Having spent a summer vacation together like that, it’s not surprising when I say that without doubt, those four will remain best friends forever.

And thus ends another heartwarming anime from Spring 2012. Like certain other shows, this is one of those where you don’t really see the need for a second season, since everything is fine the way it is. Despite that, a continuation or reunion sometime in the future would be nice xD Looking at all those flashback shots of the girls’ summer together, I realize that while Natsuiro Kiseki might not have been the best or the most interesting anime of the season, I will still look back at it with fond memories.


I love cute things.

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