Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate Ep 4: Satsuki’s Manifesto


Yuuki decides to raise money for his election campaign through the school’s Bazaar, which is the only place that would permit him to sell items. Many other candidates are in it for this ability, and Yuuki has to stand up against them using a combination of Oojima Rolls and Yaoi Sticks. Running into Satsuki again, she urges him to read her manifesto fully, and Yuuki realizes that a section on harassment of scholarship students refers to Aomi.

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Normally, I’m all for removing panties, but in the kind of context shown this episode, it’s an incredibly sad moment to see Aomi have to search through the bins for her panties – and it’s very possible that she might not have the money to easily get a new pair either. In a place like Takafuji Academy, where students have independence they would never ever get at any other school, it’s sad to see people being bullied for a reason like not having much money, to such an extent as well. From verbal abuse to physical harassment, I think Aomi has suffered a lot, and for a poor reason too.

I never thought her financial situation would ever become an actual issue, though I’m glad Aomi didn’t have to go through something like what happened to Yakumo’s little sister. If Satsuki is aiming to become Student Council President in order to change things like this, then this whole club disbanding thing seems really petty in comparison – and so does Yuuki’s reasons for becoming president too. Here I’m seeing a proper scheme that someone in charge of finance is trying to carry out, that would make people’s lives at school better, which I’m going to wholly support. Come on, an air sumo club? Wowwww.

Let’s go back to the actual election for now. There are a hell of a lot of candidates, even though most of them are in it for the opportunity to sell things and have no real desire to lead the school. Still, they’re competition, and that means they might get stray votes that Yuuki needs, resulting in them having to be crushed. It all comes down to how tasty the Oojima Rolls actually are, and thus how much profit they can realistically make. We all know that Non-chan can get a bit overexcited when it comes to food. With that many opponents, Yuuki, his rolls and 3,000 Yaoi Sticks have to stand out amongst all the other things people are selling, which might be a tough job. *squints* Or maybe not, if I’m spying a BL Yuuki x Yume doujin in the preview. That’ll get all the girls -_-


I love cute things.

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