Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate Ep 3: Unexpected Help


Yuuki and the Food Research club get a visit from Yakumo, who offers the Public Safety Committee’s aid in getting Yuuki past the primary elections using the know-how gained from their past victory, on the grounds that he doesn’t want to give the other groups an advantage until he can run again.

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It’s all well and good that the Food Research club now have the assistance of the current president, but I’d thought they would have at least accomplished something themselves, without any external help. However, Yuuki himself is already enough of a “bubble candidate”, and when pitted against the other two main powerhouses, getting himself the backing of the Public Safety Committee is a good idea to make him a strong candidate in the running, at least. The three main clubs (can I even call them that?), Public Safety, Finance and General Affairs look like some kind of political party system, which was made even more apparent when Yakumo stated that he wanted to keep the balance level by helping an independent candidate win this time. It’s also possible that he wants more than that, given that the Public Safety Committee is much more powerful than what Yakumo claims them capable of. If the students hire the teachers, and have all the power, being the Student Council President pretty much places you in charge of the entire school, and so it’s clear why so many people are trying for the position.

Elections aren’t something I’m too familiar with, so I’m not too sure of the similarities between KoiChoco’s and the real life ones. One thing I can agree with though are Yakumo’s methods – all tried and true, and used in various other situations that need some form of persuading and manipulation. Having girls do all the marketing and PR is one of them, especially when there are lots of teenage boys in the school to be taken advantage of persuaded. The fact that he’s so good at getting people to do what he wants makes me even more suspicious that he has another agenda, as well as the sensei’s warning for them to be kept safe, despite her lack of power.

In the midst of all the flirting and interaction with both Chisato and Satsuki, there’s something that I’m missing between firstly Satsuki and her sister, as well as between Yuuki and Hazuki-sensei, whom Chisato strangely referred to as Yuuki’s mother. Someone, please explain these things soon…


I love cute things.

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