Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate Ep 2: Meeting the Harem


Yuuki refuses to run for president, and threatens to quit the Food Research club in retaliation. Heading to school anyway, he starts bumping into various cute girls for no apparent reason, including rival candidate Shinonome Satsuki and low-income scholarship student Aomi Isara. After being egged on by current president Mori Yakumo and meeting Satsuki a second time, Yuuki decides that the club should put forward a candidate, and should vote fairly for who, hinting that Chisato would be a good president. They all vote for him however, and he reluctantly agrees to run for the position.


Well, I’m not too sure what to call it other than a harem, really. Yuuki said it himself – it was like a dating sim or something, with how he randomly kept bumping into various cute girls with different agendas. Personally, I’m having trouble keeping up with the names of all the girls, though I hope I have the important ones down. Mifuyu, Michiru and scholarship student Isara seem to be the harem candidates that aren’t really in the spotlight as of yet, while Shinonome Satsuki got a lot of attention. I’d have thought she’d treat Yuuki with more hostility once she realized he was a Food Research club member as well as a rival candidate, but I guess it cuts out the cliché of having a tsundere haremette. Yuuki x Satsuki seems most likely at the mo, however Chisato is a strong rival too due to the whole childhood friend advantage. Something’s up with the allergy she has to chocolate, though I don’t think it’s been revealed yet.

Yuuki and his Ooshima/Oojima running joke practically dug his own grave by giving that inspiring speech, which clearly described his own attributes xD After running into so many people, there’s no way he wouldn’t have at least thought about his decision and whether he wanted the Food Research club to live on or not. I actually thought it was already decided that Yuuki was the best guy to become a candidate, and certainly that landslide victory proved that. Now to display some of those public speaking skills in front of the entire school ^^

Mori Yakumo is less scary than I imagined him to be! His thugs were quite the pretty boy type yet were immediately violent after bumping into one guy – yeah, the school politics affair is far deeper on the surface, especially when the bodyguards hinted that people were after Yakumo even though he’s already stepping down as president. And they’ve already taken out his sister as well. I don’t know how much influence Yakumo has and whether him backing Yuuki will do anything, but it says at least that he isn’t in favour of Satsuki or the other guy becoming president – maybe they might have some hidden agendas?

  • So cruel, AIC. So cruel. It looks so wrong as well…


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