Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate Ep 1 [First Impression]: Love, Election and Chocolate!


Oojima Yuuki is a high school student belonging to the food research club at Takafuji Academy, along with other classmates including his childhood friend, Chisato. When an election for the next Student Council President is called, candidate Shinonome Satsuki puts forward the idea of abolishing clubs which do not have much use, and using the extra funds to fuel the “useful” clubs. Not wanting the food research club to be disbanded, Yuuki decides to run for president himself, with some encouragement from his friends.

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Well, what do we have here? A romance/drama based around food and an election is what I’m getting a picture of. While I wasn’t too impressed with the classic “childhood friend waking you up in the morning” scene, Yuuki seems like a nice enough guy, and Chisato isn’t an absolute bitch either, which is a trait that exists in far too many third wheels these days. Of course, it’s possible that Chisato might be the main love interest instead, but it’s hard to tell at the moment since there hasn’t been too much development. It’ll be interesting to see which of the routes AIC decides to adapt – Chisato’s, Michiru’s, Mifuyu’s, the scholarship girl’s or surprisingly, Satsuki’s route, which might be a bit odd since she’s going to be Yuuki’s main opponent in the election. Whichever one it is, please don’t go down the harem route. It’s not cool.

The ecchi was present and was referred to, but it wasn’t overused to make it annoying, which is the right way to go – I’d prefer for KoiChoco to stick to romance, instead of diverting to ecchi. We can leave that to other shows. Still, I liked the jab on Satsuki’s huge boobs, adorable Michiru’s panty shot (fuck you, white censor bars) and I’m sure the yaoi fans were happy with the not-so-subtle yaoi stick that Yume came up with. All the guys watching must have winced at that audible snap xD

Forgive me if I’m wrong, but for some reason I got the feeling that the power struggle goes a lot deeper than anyone would have thought. The atmosphere felt like a court ruling in that auditorium, and the current president Mori Yakumo looked like he was caught up in some kind of scandal more than anything. Then there was that introduction to the show, which had a photographer get run over by a car for catching some kind of illegal dealing between clubs – I wondered whether I had the right show for a moment there, when I saw high school students run over other students for taking photos. The fact that the girl seems to be Yakumo’s little sister (now hospitalized) hints that there’s more to this than what’s shown on the surface. Both Satsuki and the other guy with the troll face seem really eager to become the next president, with the latter coming off like some sort of desperate sales guy.

Finally, I should mention something about how cool the tech is in KoiChoco, with mechanics that flip over tables and advanced touch screens that display stuff. Perhaps it could explain Yuuki’s strange ability to apparently see stuff that isn’t there, like the troll face being a mask or a propeller on someone’s head. Either way, this one is definitely something to keep an eye on, and I’d love to blog it as it goes along.

Possibility of Watching: Definite
Possibility of Blogging: Definite 

  • Random Note: Did anyone notice how similar Yuuki and Lelouch are, while Mifuyu looks like Nunnally? Also, Yuuki might have eye powers. O_O


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