Hunter x Hunter Episode 41: The Gathering of the Phantom Troupe


Gon and Killua was able to obtain another set of information concerning about the Greed Island game that is going to be on the Auction on September 1st but then they have to worry about getting the money needed; although both failed to obtain money and instead lost because of false information.

Somehow, Kurapika was able to get his ticket to come to the Auction without any problems and the four newly accepted body guards met their boss who is actually Neon, who can tell fortunes through writing with the use of her Nen. She’s an important person especially to her father who’s worried about her being attacked by underground people as well.

The phantom group also had managed to gather their members. Even Hisoka was there although late. The leader ordered them to steal everything during the auction and kill anyone who interferes.


I like that hunter website. Haha I like how they swallow Nen users into a virtual reality world and talk to the NPC in the website to gather information. I adored how Gon wanted to drink that served wine by the bartender and was not able to touch it. It was just a cute small scene. But to think these two kids would be fooled by untrusting sites all over the net was beyond the usual expectations although Killua’s point of view is right.

Somehow I get so excited knowing about the auction episode to come because of everything that has happened in this episode and I get to see Neon again!

She’s just too cute and I seriously like her character style. I still remember this episode from the original when her Nen was first showed. >///<

Also, I don’t like how the leader of the Phantom Troupe looks like. And Hisoka’s reaction after seeing him was ughhh, so rape-like. Haha I almost forgotten the other members of the Troupe and what their Nen is like from the original. I so have a bad memory.


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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  1. chacha says:

    Neon is my favorite too… I like her grey (dark & white) twisted nature!!!

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