Hunter x Hunter (2011 – Remake) Episode 37: Gon’s Confession

Please, don’t be bothered by the title. XD


Now that Gon’s actual intention during his training in Heavens Arena paid off, – well, even though he did lose to Hisoka, it was still a nice battle experience for him – he’s now on his way back to his home at Whale Island with Killua.

Of course, Killua met Mito-san whom Gon has been talking about. Mito was also as glad as Gon that he had a friend to visit his house since people at Whale Island are usually fisherman who had all of their time for getting fish and there are only a few children around and by that time, it was only Gon and another girl from another house. That is why Mito and Gon’s grandmother is glad that another kid, around Gon’s age, is in the house.

Mito is bossy, and is always alert and strict with time. That’s what Killua learned after they had settled down on a chair and was being ordered to go and take a bath before having dinner. Killua also learned that people usually give their thanks for the food before digging in then the two kids took off for a little tour around the island which took them day and night and during that time, Gon talked about the things he want to do and Killua, thinking what to do.

When they got back to the house, Mito finally decided to talk about Gon’s father and gave gon something that Gin left behind for his son after he became a hunter.


Okay, first things first, about the title, “Gon’s confession”. XD Seriously, Gon and Killua’s friendship is just something… really, really something. I mean, Gon would even go as far as saying stuff people would usually say when they confess to someone to Killua. He’s so innocent and that is really making him cuter by the episode. Lol And Killua’s every reaction towards Gon’s speech is as adorable, blushing and all that.

Even I would if someone will tell me to travel around the world together forever. THAT LINE IS QUITE NASTY TO YAOI FANS, like me. XD A lot of my twitter friends also has been talking about Gon and Killua for hours after the episode and I couldn’t really stop thinking about it.

Now with Ging, Gon’s father. Apparently, they actually look alike when Ging was 12 years old and I was fangirling over the video where he looked back to Mito who was asking him why he wants to be a hunter and leave her behind; although she didn’t really get his real reason why. Then knowing Gon’s mother’s whereabouts is still unknown and that Gon seriously thinks of Mito as his mother ever since is just too sweet. I could have cried if I hadn’t seen that coming already but I’ve watched it from the original series. XD

So the actual contents of that box that Mito handed over to Gon that Ging had told her before when he left Gon in their care was actually a ring with the same markings as those which Nen can be useful and a tape, taken that it’s a recording of some sort of information. As everyone would guess, it was, and Ging was the one who’s talking and that he knew that Gon will come after him.

The rest of the contents on the tape will be on the next episode which is going to be something exciting. I just hope I wouldn’t encounter another one of those summary episodes. haha


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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