Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 40: A Plant!


Not the one that grows though…


Because of the initial test that the boss wanted from the previous episode, the five hunters inside the room were trapped by the guards that suddenly broke in to kill them. It was only later that they have found out that those guards were puppets being controlled by a Nen user and he is one of them. Good thing that Kurapika made a quick move in finding out who and it turned out to be Tocino since he is not being attacked by the puppets.

Then when Tocino said that he’s only being ordered by their boss to test the newcomer’s abilities beforehand, he also mentioned about other plants inside the mansion wherein they have to overcome in order to get outside. Due to Kurapika’s Nen, he was also able to identify who but he kept on denying. But then, the other three hunters supported Kurapika’s decision and helped with making the second plant to surrender – or rather to tell them the truth and undo the Nen he have casted into the things he mentioned before.

They got out of the mansion with no other problems.

The episode also shown Milluki, who was in the middle of deciphering the data that Killua gave him in exchange for the hunter-only website he talked about two episodes ago, and Gon with Killua on a boat heading towards Yorknew City a week before the said date, September 1st.


Okay, Madhouse didn’t fail me with the fighting scene animation and the no trace of CG at all. I get to enjoy the intensity of the fighting scenes with the guards and how Kurapika used his chains for the first time in this remake series. Not to mention he was so cool doing it and I was fangirling over him for a few seconds.

But then, the first plant, Tocino’s way of testing them was pretty much obvious. He was not attacked, it would be really obvious to just anyone. Though maybe yes, when everone was so busy with defending themselves, they wouldn’t really notice.

I also loved the reaction that Basho (the poet) and Kurapika towards Baise’s (the sexy and the only girl in the group) Nen which is to make anyone she kisses her slave – a scary thing, really.

It is also good to see Milluki’s fear against how would Killua destroy his collection of figures and standing up for the work he said to his little brother just to protect his collection. Funny but sweet in an Otaku way. lol


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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