Hunter x Hunter (2011) Episode 38: Good-bye again, Whale Island!

Ging is the cruelest father I have ever known… well, not. Lol


Hearing his father’s voice for the first time and knowing what he was currently thinking, Gon listened to the tape that was inside the box that Mito had passed to him from His father, Ging. Both, Gon and Killua, manage to know two things: 1. Ging doesn’t want to see Gon as he believes he was not a good father and 2. They must find Ging who is obviously, running away from Gon.

Gon, on the other hand, refused to know about her mother even though Ging tried to record some information about her too.

When he stopped the tape, the tape rewind and records itself, overwriting the original recorded message by Nen. Killua says it was set up by Gon’s father to avoid any further details to be leaked out. All that’s left for them was the ring and the memory card that was with the tape.

Killua got a JoyStation from a toy store and manage to look into what game data was saved on the memory card. The game was “Greed Island” which is a very, and when I mean VERY, it is VERY, VERY, rare game. It only had 100 copies and was sold for 5 billion + amount of money where only hunters can obviously afford them. Even though they tried searching the net, it was no use so Killua had no choice but to contact one person who might be able to help them.

Milluki, who’s the “Otaku” in the Zoldyk family happened to have two leads which made Killua trade for a copy of the memory card that they have. He also asked about other information about the rare game and if ever Millu would be able to create a copy of the game himself. The two leads were: 1. there’s a hunter website that only hunters can access, which they may happen to find clues about copies of the game and 2. There’s an auction somewhere on Yorknew City where Gon, Killua, Kurapika and Leorio agreed to meet on a certain date in the future.

This leaves Gon to leave Whale Island once more.


Ging, he is an awful father. He had said so himself but I know, WE ALL KNOW, that he has some weird and maybe a cool reason why he would not want to see his son aside from him, being a bad dad. Still he is still the same, the random person that Mito might have known when they were small and doing some stupid things as was shown on the episode. lol

I was seriously shocked to see a huge dragon under his pet. That was one way to make an appearance on a series, Ging! XD

I believe, Gon is also persistent on not knowing about his mother. Any normal kid would seriously want to know but I guess, he’s not a normal kid. And I love how he stood to his word towards Killua that his mother now is Mito. That was so sweet!

I don’t know if I should be but I keep on laughing how Killua treats his brother and I like his negotiation sense! Not to mention, threatening his otaku brother to destroy his figures just to make him speak over the phone was pretty hilarious and how he said that he was only kidding. XD I know the Zoldyk Family is a known dangerous family but these kinds of scenes makes them really cute. Haha

Knowing such details from Millu, Gon decided to leave Whale Island again. But even so he didn’t said a word to Mito and his grandmother, they already knew that he’s going to be away from home again for a long time and so they cooked a lot of food for him on that dinner.

Oh how this seires bring tears to my eyes because of this kind of stories. =’)


I am avoiding writing reviews with spoilers so you shall avoid writing comments with spoilers. LMAO AS IF THAT CAN HAPPEN!!! PFFFFT

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