Hakuouki: Reimeiroku Episode 3: Placating the Beast


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2 Responses

  1. Noc says:

    Kosuzu is referred to as a maiko by the other characters, but the women to be found in Hakuouki’s red light district always have me confused. There’s Kosuzu, essentially a geisha (or geiko) in training, and some women dress roughly the way a geisha should, but many of them wear their obi tied at the front (Chizuru included), and only prostitutes did that. We even have Sen’s companion Kimigiku being called an orian when she was in disguise during the first season, the highest ranking prostitute of the time. So who are the men of the Shinsengumi going to see, geisha or prostitutes?

    Although the word ‘prostitute’ brings up crude notions, orian and the like were called on for entertainment above all, so like their geisha counterparts they were also skilled in the art of music, dance and conversation, and sexual acts weren’t always the main goal during these visits (I think I’d prefer to call them courtesans or something). I’m just dying to know what’s what here! Maybe at this time geisha were only starting to become more prominent, so certain houses in Shimbara featured both types of women? This is just my guess in regards to the series of course, not real life. Hakuouki, please be more clear on these matters @.@

    But on the main topic of this post, the episode was good- Okita’s behavior unsettled me a little, in a good way of sorts, and Ibuki continues to edge his way towards being annoying with his refusal to pick up a sword. But at least this means he has a personality- plus I love his voice actor haha XD. I didn’t care for Saito much in the first series, but I do love me some awesome bonding between warriors (in the totally non-yaoi sense like you were saying) so the first three episodes have me warming up to him. Shinpachi’s loveable as usual, Sannan is cool (oh Sannan, how sorry I felt for him playing through Chizuru’s game routes!) and Serizawa needs to die! He makes a great antagonist though, I’ll give him that.

    Super excited for the next episode, I just hope the animation isn’t durpy like ep 2 was in a lot of places D=

    • Kal says:

      It’s a lot better in the fourth episode, the flashback aspect really helped in covering up the mistakes. I spent a couple hours looking up geisha information and trying to pin down the exact time and era for things, but it didn’t work so well. I guess we’ll have to guess…? Harada was implied in the game that he hung out with the ladies in the red light district, and yes, as you mentioned, Kimigiku the orian was favoured by Hijikata. @_@ There’s an actual mention of the burning building incident on Wikipedia (it’a fairly reliable), but argh, I want to find out. orz

      I know Hakuouki isn’t crazy accurate in history like “Kaze Hikaru”, but I love it anyway~ Guess you like Ryunosuke, he’s kinda just mehhhhhhh compared to Saitou-kun *super-bias and weakness for tsundere guys exposed* XD Sannan-san is a lot more likable in this this show than in Shinsengumi Kitan b/c he isn’t playing the devil’s advocate (yet).

      Agree on the Serizawa point!


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