Campione! Episode 1 [First Impression]: God Slayer

“He is a demon lord. Amongst the humans inhabiting Earth, none have the power to oppose him.”


Kusanagi Godou arrives in Italy with the sole purpose of returning a stone tablet to his grandfather’s friend, Lucretia Zola. Upon being confronted by a witch named Erica Blandelli who asks him to hand the tablet over, Godou suddenly witnesses a Heretic God’s appearance, as well as Erica’s attempts to stop it, meeting a strange boy along the way who “entrusts” the tablet to him. Later on, Erica tells him that the gods appear on Earth in the form of natural disasters, and are destructive in nature. After a drunken night at Lucretia’s house, Erica wakes up to the start of a battle between two gods, Verethragna and Melqart, that could destroy the island.

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I’m pretty familiar with the various fantasy-action series out there (Index, Shana) and it seems the latest one is a fantasy plot where gods run amok, disguised as natural disasters, with select people having the power to kill them – known as the Campione. As of the end of the first episode, Kusanagi Godou is now one of them, though I’m pretty sure the method he used to do it was quite unconventional. He’s your average joe at the start of the show, like in most of these setups where the unassuming guy is introduced to a whole new world by the random sexy girl. Unlike guys like Kamijou Touma who think that it’s all too much trouble, Godou was surprisingly…excited, and didn’t really spend much time shitting bricks about how there was a giant god in front of him that could level the whole island.

Speaking of the gods, it’s a good concept this show’s come up with here. These Heretic Gods appear as disasters to normal people, but are actually rampaging around destroying stuff, which gets even worse when they fight each other. People like Erica are probably sent around to minimize or try and stop the damage, though stuff like this can’t be happening every day or so, since we sure don’t get natural disasters on a daily basis. In terms of Erica as a female lead, I’m cool with it. She’s bitchy, but at least she’s not voiced by KugiRie (though still slightly tsundere), has big boobs and is a laugh when drunk. I’ll get used to the “holier-than-thou” eventually.

Anyway, back to Godou. His tablet’s ability to steal a god’s Divine Right is suspiciously convenient, and if he didn’t have all that plot armour I’d suspect he’d have a much harder time fighting Verethragna than he did, who was supposed to be a god that defeated a boss like Melqart. Verethragna’s arrogance was his undoing in the end, so he was going to die in a manner like that eventually. I’m sure we’ll get an explanation to the Gilgamesh-like rain of swords in the sky next time, but does Godou get to keep the gold sword at least?

All in all, it’s a good show, and it’s something I’ll have fun covering. Shows that are slightly more mainstream aren’t too bad once in a while. My main problem isn’t anything to do with the show’s content, but instead the Zetman-style pacing which is going along at bullet train speeds. All is forgiven if it’s a one-off to introduce the setup, however anything more than that is pushing it.

Possibility of Watching: Yes
Possibility of Blogging: Yes 


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