Arcana Famiglia Episode 3: A Ghost of a Chance


The Arcana invite a group of children to their home to entertain for a day. Nova, Liberta and Felicita uncover the mystery of the ghost in the kitchen…but is the building as ghost-free as they believe?


There seems to be a lot of tea drinking in this show. =_= This is their way of showing reflection and “high-class” behaviour, but it seems all they do is have strange adventures in  their house, and basically, well, not acting like mafia, at all. What is with this show, all fluff and fluffy crap…where is the fighting? The duel to the death to gain the power of a family of weirdo gangsters! Really! Exciting!

Nova’s struggle with duty and relationship bonds continues, as he doesn’t tell Liberta and Felicita what he really feels, and continues on his work until Sumire interrupts him. I was really surprised that she would single Nova out to talk to, but if you know a little bit of the “family tree” backstory, it would explain a lot more things about the relationships between each family member. I’m not kidding, since one of the Arcana members is actually the father of another Arcana member, despite their everlasting bishonen youthfulness (it’s not Felicita). He eventually breaks away from his desk to check on his two friends, because as usual, they’re mixed up in some trouble that needs a little common sense to solve it.

Mindless fun seems to the continued theme in this show, as the duel doesn’t look like it’s actually started yet, and all they’re doing is running around and entertaining local kids with their antics. Baby-sitting? Goodwill services for the residents of Regalo? There’s so much that doesn’t add up at this point, I’m not sure I want to find out.

Magic and laws of possibilities opened up from episode of episode, but it’s still difficult to determine what is actually possible in this world. The Arcana members have powers, but is magic possible? Mind-reading is the Heart Arcana, but this is tied to a person’s power, not an actual power that is accessible by “normal” people in this world. There’s a ghost is this episode, which was really hard to believe, since there was never any real build-up to explain that it was possible, other than a fake ghost set off to fend food off or a strange story.

Oh, and Debito is good with kids. WIN. <3



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