Arcana Famiglia Episode 2: Lessons of the Heart

They should have just called it the cat-chasing episode.


Felicita and Liberta find Nova chasing a white cat in the mansion, so they join in. Although it was the Heart Arcana that solved the mystery at the end, with the help of various other strange Arcana members, Felicita is reminded again how far she still has to go in order to learn to control and expand her powers.


I was uncomfortably reminded of the cat-chasing episode from Code Geass there. I was definitely disappointed in this opening, but the overall theme and lesson made the episode was worth the wait. It’s hard to follow up the drama of the last episode, with the introduction of the Arcanas and Felicita’s potential betrothal, it was definitely a bit different to just see Liberta, Nova and Felicita having a blast(?) chasing a cat around the place. The ultimate question is…what is Felicita’s exact power in this anime?

Her gender is always an overwhelming question. Despite he is a part of the Arcana, she is treated, irritatingly, in a different manner than everyone else, not just in status, but gender. As said, Felicita joined the family of her own choice, but despite it that she has the powers and the skills to hold her own ground, no one treats her as such. The fawn over her, call her “princess,”  refuse to let her do “dangerous” things like climbing trees. I guess her chaperone didn’t want her going up the tree in her mini-skirt (oh, the horror!), but still. Let the damn woman do her own work. Also, “cats prefer women?” Is that how she catches the cat? Ugh. Felicita wins the Sword duel to take over a seat, but I doubt anyone is going to go against her at full strength, other than her father.

The animation quality doesn’t improve much, I really wish they had beefed it up just a little bit more. The original game that the anime is based off had a lot of heavy blacks to add to the “mafia” tone, but the anime fails at using colour to set the tone, or even trying to make the situation a little bit more easier to see. I guess I can’t expect that much from something that isn’t on the same level as Sword Art Online this season.

The cat’s owner gives Felicita a “girly” dress as a token of appreciation for finding and saving her cat, and this is the second point I wanted to make about the gender issue. Although Felicita wears the mini-shirt for her family uniform, she appears twice in the same episode in a Lolita-like dress, and both times, Nova and Liberta have a “reaction” to it, either blushing, or looking away (NOVA YOU TSUNDERE)…would this count as an extra skill, or just a way that Felicita can fight (man), but can also wear dresses and be feminine (woman)? This skews the perspective a bit, as it adds weight to the theme that women and men in this show are “equal, but not the same.”

If only they’d stop treating her like some kind of porcelain.

I guess, out if this episode, Felicita has some good friends at her side…ones that expect and want her to win the duel herself, and change her own fate. I’m all for Liberta x Nova. ;D



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  1. Nonno says:

    I agree with you. I’m kinda disappointed with this anime myself.
    Since the game itself called as “shounen manga-styled otome-game”, I expect it to be more battle oriented. At least, I expect it to be more quick-paced and less drama. I haven’t played the game myslef, so I can’t say much >_<

    I also heard that Felicita is supposed to be a real badass and tsundere heroine (though she has no dialogue in the game @_@)? But I thought, Felicita here is no different than other otome heroine. I mean, isn't she a bit too obedient to be called as a tsundere and badass?

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