Accel World Episode 13: Team Healer

“You belong to me.”


Chiyuri decides to go ahead with joining Taku and Haruyuki in Accel World, and procures a rare duel avatar, Lime Bell, possessing a healing power unique to only herself and one of the six Kings. As such, Kuroyukihime warns that many legions will be out to scout her, and that she should lay low for now. Upon hearing that there is a Burst Linker among the new students entering the school that year, Haru and Taku decide to investigate, but nearly end up short of leads before Nomi is pitted against Taku in a kendo match, and uses insanely fast reflexes…

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Note to self – put Nomi on my personal list of guys I want to beat the crap out of. It’s obvious that he’s another Burst Linker since I guess that’s just how many shows play out nowadays – but it doesn’t help that he has a holier-than-thou attitude of wiping his hand like some posh rich dude after helping Haruyuki up. And cheating in kendo using Brain Burst was painfully apparent, especially against someone like Taku, who used to use the same methods himself. At the moment he’s probably a representative from another legion wanting to take down Black Lotus, but you’re not a tsundere imouto, so no sympathy for you *coldly glares*

In terms of Accel World as a show, I’d say that this was one of the more relaxed episodes, with not all too much happening – which is a nice contrast to the end of the Chrome Disaster arc which we had last week. Instead we focus in on Chiyuri and her entrance into Accel World as Lime Bell, in order to be with Haru and Taku. I’d always suspected Chiyu’s motives to be pure and innocent at heart – all she wants is to play together peacefully like they did in the past, as kids where no-one had any worries or social problems. Of course, that changed when Haru broke away from the group, and now Haru and Taku have a common link, so Chiyu wants in. And I don’t blame her, though to be honest she’s probably fallen way out of her comfort zone.

And the reason for that is because she’s a team healer – in fact, the only active one apart from one of the Kings, who I’m almost certain is the Purple King (I’ve seen the others, and they all focus on combat, apart from Radio who we already know uses illusions). Having played a few MMOs in the past, healing is vital especially when going up against foes you can’t solo, with Brain Burst just happening to be that kind of game. With Chiyu’s ability to heal in a certain legion, that legion will easily be able to overpower the others. Right now getting an edge relies on mostly strategy, and Haru’s wings disrupted that a bit – but Chiyu’s pretty much dislodges that idea if they have her on their team. She should just join Nega Nebulous and get it over with xD

I can already tell that things are going to get out of hand without Kuroyukihime and her sexy, sexy smile around. Nomi is sure to make a move, and I wouldn’t count on Lime Bell’s abilities being revealed somehow either. With Haruyuki and his promise of a reward from his favourite senpai though, things aren’t going completely downhill! Just…please, you lucky bastard. Don’t ask for food.


I love cute things.

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