Tasogare Otome x Amnesia Ep 12 [Final]: Dusk Maiden


Yuuko takes Teiichi on a date within the school grounds, and they spend the day in each other’s company. When Yuuko mentions she has no regrets any more, her physical form starts fading, having accomplished the task of reuniting her two personalities back together. While Teiichi doesn’t want her to go, he can only delay the inevitable, and the two are forced to say goodbye.


Looks like I hit the mark then, about Yuuko not having any more regrets and starting to disappear. All the things she did with Teiichi during their date was pretty standard – though it was nice to see her finally be able to feed him a bite of omelet, after all those times she got interrupted by various things. Cosplay, ice skating, lying down under a tree watching the sky…we had it all. Even though I had an inkling it was going to happen, it was still painful to see her try and push away Teiichi to lessen his pain, which is a situation I’ve seen in many other anime that have romance themes. Teiichi himself is normally passive, but the one thing I’ve been proud to see him be assertive in is his love for Yuuko, which shone through again here.

The departure scene was really well done ;_; It was just like the time Yuuko blocked out Teiichi from her existence, except this time she’s the one disappearing for good, and he can’t do anything about it. All her messages in that book like “stay cheerful” were terribly depressing, especially as you can imagine Yuuko saying it while looking really, really sad at the same time. While humans loving ghosts is a hard enough concept to live around to begin with, we all knew that somehow, it wouldn’t work out in the end – since ultimately they’re people with different physical states of living. One’s alive, and the other’s not.

But then they had to pull off that kind of ending T_T I have a feeling that was anime-original. All the emotions that built up kinda disappeared as well – while I’m glad that Yuuko did come back to Teiichi, and that everyone had a happy ending, it completely contrasts from the emotional bit we had just before. I wanted to remember this show as having a romantic, bittersweet end, with the epilogue showing us how Teiichi is coping without Yuuko and learning to love again – I guess that’s not happening, huh?

Well, I’ll take whatever victory I can. At least it ended happily xD


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