Sankarea Episode 11: Settling It Like Men


Dan’ichiro brings Furuya to a dojo, where he challenges him to a fencing match, with the person that draws first blood being pronounced the victor. Meanwhile, Rea makes it to the Sanka mansion and manages to escape the maids with some difficulty, bursting into the dojo to see her father impale Furuya after he goes too far and pisses him off. Furuya realizes that he’s only alive because of the poison Rea unknowingly gave him while licking his wound, and the two manage to convince Dan’ichiro that freedom is what Rea really wants, and that she has no regrets.

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Looks like even Dan’ichiro is slightly reasonable at times. I didn’t think Furuya would get tortured or anything (since afterwards, he’d probably go straight to the police) but a fencing match seemed oddly…honourable, for someone who is loony over their daughter to go to all the extents that we’ve seen. Though admittedly it wouldn’t have given Furuya much of a chance anyway, had he decided to properly try and strike for first blood.

Do people die when they get pierced through the stomach? I’d imagine they’d lose a lot of blood, but a fencing rapier is quite thin at the point, so it’ll hurt, but it’ll do less damage than if it was, I dunno, a broad sword or something. Either way, it seems Rea licking up Furuya’s blood served a greater purpose than just to be erotic. Seriously, a half-zombie. That is SO cool xD It’s a pity it didn’t last for very long, since not being able to feel much pain while still being technically alive is very awesome.

Rea breaks the limits of moe every episode – the maid outfit, bunny suit, nurse uniform, HNNGH. Of course, she was pretty badass as well, breaking her handcuffs with zombie strength and going against her father to protect Furuya. Though it doesn’t justify his actions and make me forgive him, I’m glad to know that Dan’ichiro knows his limits at least, and is finally willing to respect the wishes of his daughter, since Rea is happier with Furuya and will be able to have the life she’s always wanted to have. Funny how it took her literally dying for Dan’ichiro to realize how serious she was.

I suppose this is the end of an arc? As the heat from the “domestic problem” side of the story dies down, the romance is flaring up again, with Rea officially recognizing Wanko as a love rival. With the series ending soon, I doubt we’ll get much further with the romance, but rest assured that the fanservice will always be a given. *wipes tear from eye* Never change, Studio Deen.


I love cute things.

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2 Responses

  1. John Smith says:

    To your question of dying from being stabbed in your stomach, yes, you could die, because the stomach acids would start to leak out and that will dissolve anything in its path. The only difference between that and most other lethal wounds is that it takes a long time for a person to die- Around 30 minutes.

  2. TheVicious says:

    Here’s to hoping for a second season. The manga’s still ongoing and hopefully the show stirs enough sales to warrant a continuation…

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