Sakamichi no Apollon Episode 8: Love is a Fickle Thing

Or so they say…



Kaoru and Sentarou’s popularity have sky-rocketed due to their impromptu performance at the festival, with Kaoru in particular getting female admirers that Ricchan is aware of. Back with Junichi, he meets Yurika who urges him to continue their relationship, and they do so, with Sentarou running into them when he goes to talk to Junichi one day. Kaoru hints of someone else that is in love with him, and Sentarou finally realizes that Ricchan likes him more than as a friend.

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Political activism, huh? Now that you mention it, and seeing that this show’s set in the 1960s, it’s not hard to guess what Junichi and his other college students were rebelling about – college and the system itself. From what I understand, the Swinging Sixties and the student movement went hand in hand, and seeing how everything’s set in a crisp seaside American setting it all clicked when we saw Junichi up rallying a group of students, even though he clearly didn’t want to be there. I’m glad that in the end, he didn’t turn out to be someone antagonistic, though he really tried to be when attempting to scare Yurika away.

Speaking of Yurika, she’s absolutely smitten with Junichi to the point of changing herself to be more like him, which clearly didn’t go over well with her parents. Seriously though, going to the gynecologist? Even if your daughter comes home and claims to be seeing a man, it’s overreacting to have her tested for STDs. I mean, what the hell?

It’s probably safe to call it love rather than over-admiration at this point, which is why I’m feeling really sorry for Sentarou to have to run into her and see her with another man – especially when that man is a person he’s been looking up to for so long. On the other hand though, Bon has managed to send him enough messages to realize that the one person that loves him is the girl under his nose – Ricchan, whom he’s ignored all the hints from in favour of pursuing Yurika.

Kaoru’s newfound popularity might be changing poor Ricchan’s emotions far too quickly right now, since she’s trying to deny her interest in Kaoru yet aware that even random girls are giving him presents now after his stunt at the festival. And just like that, another misunderstanding is born from one half-knitted sweater; intended for Kaoru who thinks its for Sentarou. At this point I don’t know who to sympathize with most or who to cheer on – they all deserve their own happiness, even though its likely not all of them will get it.


I love cute things.

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