Hiiro no Kakera Episode 7 + 8: Hiiro no Derpy-ra


Episode 7: The Turmoil Within

Summary: The Five Guardians fight the Logos and lose, but appears the battle is not just on their front. The Logos have their own internal issues. A new character appears that seems interested in the broken seal problem, and the current Tamayorihime begrudgingly accepts his help.

Episode 8: A Voice From the Past

Summary: Tamaki goes information hunting with Onizaki and Mahiro, and then accidentally triggers the Tamayorihime spirit in the old storehouse.


AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…they should rename this show Hiiro no Derpy-ra. Not only has the artwork not improved, any attempts to stir up action and suspense are met with dead-pan reactions from the gang.

Pattern: go to school. Try to activate Tamayorihime powers, Get molested by one of the guardians or side characters. Go home.

The episodes did have a redeeming quality, and it was the introduction of a possible solution the fighting deadlock, or rather, ass-kicking the Logos keep inflicting on the Guardians. On one hand you know that Tamaki is supposed to be the one in charge because she has the power to contain and seal the sword, but on the other, she’s basically directing a gang of guys that are trapped into her presence. Over the course of the show, I’ve begun to get the feeling that the Guardians are not here by choice, and this fight is merely a blood burden for them to bear.

What’s strange is that Baba-san had been semi-willing to accept the information about the Logos gang, and that they went on the offensive to gather information about Logos. However, this is fruitless so far…and just about sums up how much how I feel about this show. They drag the characters on and on, with very little development, and use cheap thrills, like the “plot twist” where the blonde teacher was a member of Logos (not Monado, SURPRISE!!).

I want to find out a bit more about Monado and her minions in the later episodes. It seems like they’re not entirely together, despite their might, and this might be their downfall in the later episodes. So, most likely, the Guardians and Co. will be save with the POWER OF FRIENDSHIP. And pervy wolf-students. Wheeee.

There’s way too much emphasis on the role of the princess, and it’s annoying because she bears no power but her blood. Basicallt, Tamaki has done nothing, unlike the Guardians to level up her powers. She apparently thinks that if she thinks it, she can do it, and this is not how she is going to win this fight. WAKE UP TAMAKI, AND SMELL THE SMOKED GUARDIANS.

This is a what a beaten Tamayorihime looks like:

And this, in sequence, is what 5 beaten Guardians looks like.

This show has degraded beyond the point of redemption.


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