Hiiro no Kakera Episode 12 + 13: To Fight Another Day [Final Impressions]


Episode 12


Tamaki is warned of a potential betrayal, but Takuma makes a point of standing up to her. Logos makes one last move to take the last artifact, and the Guardians convene to try to stop them. In the course of the battle, Takuma’s “oni” wakes up and begins to lose control.


Episode 13


The Final Battle- the battle awakens the Onikirimaru sword, which Takuma seizes. He surprisingly is controllable by the Tamayorihime, and Takuma reverts back to normal to use to the sword to protect Tamaki. Logos withdraws to fight another day, and the sword goes into the care of Baba-san.


The harassment dude shows up again! As much as he’s more attractive than any of the other characters, it’s irritating that he thinks that he can treat girls that way. Not that he should treat Tamaki better because she’s a girl, like the Guardians, but be a liiiitle gentler and have a little respect for her. Sure, he has a (vague) warning, but it’s pretty useless in the face of dealing with Logos. Unless it turns out that Baba-san just wanted the sword to take over the world, that would be a worthy plot-twist.

Losing again… don’t really have much to say on this. Tamaki spends more time in battle screaming and being distracting than anything else, and solves the issue of the day WITH THE POWER OF LURVEEEEEEE. <3~ * facepalm * Excuse me, but how can she activate her powers in that last episode like that, jumping from possession of dead priestess to controlling the strongest sword on the mountain-side and a berserk demon boyfriend? ARE YOU SERIOUS. And why is no one attaching Baba-san?  She just pops up with Mitsuru, in Ben Kenobi-style, and tells Tamaki what she’s been hearing all season, “Only you can do it.” GRANDMA TELEPORT, ACTIVATE!!!

OK, I give her a little credit for organizing the Guardians, but are they all not intelligent enough to not fight with brute force against the Logos? They keeps attacking in the same method, and they keeps losing, and this time, Takuma goes over the edge by activating his “demon” form, which Tamaki sedates with her ultimate hug power. RAWR. They’re not the perfect couple, and there’s not spark, but you have to give Studio DEEN credit for attempting to breathe life into a dead story. I swear, people probably only play the games because Yone Kazuki illustrated them.

Overall Impression:

*limps over the finish line *

That…was such a horrible show. @_@ This was actually better than ZETMAN, and that says a lot. Repetitive actions in the story, sub-par animation, flat story, lack of decent fanservice, useless female characters, un-interesting villains. They tried to add back-story in flashbacks in the last part of the battle, but GOD, that was unbearable. Otome games to anime adaptations will always be crap, with the exception of a few shows (like Uta no Prince-sama)..and despite being bitten again by another terribad otome anime, I’m off to sulk and watch Arcana Famiglia and Hakuouki season 3.

The only thing that made the finale bearable was that the end was near, and something changed from the school-life formula the other 10 episodes were like. I’ll probably get sucked back in an watch season 2 when it comes out in October, but I need time to recover from this. UGHHHHHH.



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