Hiiro no Kakera Episode 11: The Embrace of Dreams

Prophecy, a power awakened.

The fanservice episode over, Hiiro no Kakera returns to developing the mention that Logos dropped a while back about demons (“oni”). Takuma seems a little taken aback about the mention of this, as he is a descendent of the demon. Tamaki finally has solid connection beyond having her body taken over by some long-dead priestess as her power further awakens.

Tamaki finally hits a touchstone in her Tamayorihime powers! O u O / I’m really happy for her, and I felt this episode has a lot to say in the improvement for what direction the show is going. We still have the endless lunch-time, but it’s completely overshadowed by the dream that Tamaki. It is particularly important to discuss the imagery used in the dream vision. First is “reflection” and the season of “fall.” Fall is often the imagery tied to maturation and growth, and possibility of death, as winter is approaching. I know, I know, I’m over-analyzing some anime based off an otome game, but it has to be for a reason, right? Secondly…do all descendants of the Tamayorihime look like the original woman? And how did she have children, well…since she was like a shrine maiden and just gave her life up to guard the Onikirimaru sword. The family is distinctly matrilineal, and Baba-san really needs a replacement for her, since her own daughter doesn’t seem to have the same range of powers, or even had her powers awakened. Tamaki sees herself in the Tamayorihime role, which is a very strong sign that her “true” awakening is close.

And since is seems to be appropriate for this week, can I call it the “AVATAR STATE”? XDDDD AHAHAHAHA. But yeah, inner reflection equals the ability to tap into parts of yourself you did not understand before or could not use.

Takuma’s demon hand was pinged during battle last time, and the full meaning of the power comes to him after Tamaki triggers yet another piece of information about the past. What’s strange is that Baba-san isn’t all that helpful, it’s been the gang setting out to look for information. I thought that perhaps that grandma would have also had contact with her past self, but it seems to growing the strongest in Tamaki. Or perhaps that the connection wanes as the next Tamayorihime awakens.

Takuma and Tamaki get a little time together, so I’m assuming that the ending of this show is going to be very canon, or very unresolved in relation to the supposed romantic relationship that is supposed to grow between Tamaki and one of the Guardians. The messy writing and sheer will to put all the guys on screen at the same time muddies the possibility of anyone making any progress with Tamaki. :T



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