Accel World Episode 11: The Kings’ Battle Royale

50 kinds of badass displayed here tonight. Guys, this just made my Friday night.

“Why? Why show up now and interfere with my plans? BLACK LOTUS!”


Niko realizes the kind of trap Yellow Radio has set up for her – by giving the Armor of Catastrophe to Cherry Rook and having him defeat a Yellow Legion member and forcibly uninstalling their Brain Burst, the Red Legion has violated the terms of the treaty, giving Radio a chance to attack Niko. Taking out Kuroyukihime by showing her a recording of Red Rider’s death, Radio and his army attack, managing to overpower the group as well as take out Taku, who dies protecting Haru and Niko. Kuroyukihime recovers after encouragement from Haru, and takes on Yellow Radio, before the battle is stopped by Chrome Disaster.

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Man, that Yellow Radio is such a big douche. Also he has huge hands. Looks like he’s just as keen to get to Level 10 as Black Lotus is, but instead uses tricks and tries to find loopholes in the non-aggression treaty to fight and kill Niko – which was actually working, to be honest. Clearly he didn’t expect Kuroyukihime to side with Niko, and is at a disadvantage fighting close combat, since he relies more on illusions than straight up fighting. For some reason, he reminds me of Matou Shinji, in the sense that he’s acting all big now, but freaks out and turns wimpy once things get bad for him. It sickens me.

That action was superb. I actually had trouble taking screenshots because of how fast everything moved – and I never got to take a large image showing both KYH and Yellow Radio =/ Everyone showed their own form of badass, from Taku and his noble sacrifice (I have no doubt that he’s properly turned over a new leaf now) to Niko and her crazy yandere missile fortress. That laugh was so familiar o.O And of course we have Haruyuki, dodging bullets like Kotomine Kirei. Looks like that suicidal gun game pulled off some use in the end. I hope he gets cooler moves as he levels up, as awesome as flying is. I’d love a move like Death by Embracing or Silly-Go Round.

Black Lotus and Red Rider weren’t lovers after all! …I knew that. Maybe. From the way he sounded, I’d imagine him to be one of those tough yet pacifistic people who tries to see the good in everyone. We’ll probably learn more about why KYH did what she did in the future, and I’m sure she had a reason. Sad times for the girlfriend though (coincidentally, the Purple King) whom I’m suspecting will launch some kind of crusade against Kuroyukihime now that she’s back out in the open.

I hope Chrome Disaster killed Yellow Radio. Okay, that might not be too realistic seeing as how he’s one of the Level 9 Kings, but it’d better have done him some damage. Seeing the Kings’ fancy moves would have been nice too. From the preview, it looks like Chrome Disaster’s going after Niko, which makes sense, with her being his former legion master and all. Just don’t eat her. Seriously, that’s what it looks like.


I love cute things.

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