ZETMAN Episode 4: “Heh heh, You Activated My Trap Card”

Grandpa Seizou’s “I jizzed in my pants” face.

Summary: Jin gets stabbed by the Sweeper, but saved at the last second. He picks up the freeloader Hanako, and this stirs up love-love rivalry between her and Konoha. Unknown to Kouga, he’s being trained as the next form of “justice,” by a Player- he is forced to make extreme choices.



I am not impressed by this show AT ALL. I expected too much, and it came back to bite me. D: So Seizou was all like IMMA SO EXCITED OMG NOOOOO POWER CUT OUT really excited to see the full form of Zet, and whether Jin was going to get blown to smithereens by the Sweeper. Moving on, nothing new on that end. I don’t even want to talk about Hanako and Konoha, they’re just useful hostages and they’re pretty moe when they’re all tied up and insects are drooling on them.

BUT THERE IS SOMETHING ELSE. Kouga is beginning his “justice” training under the hand of one of the players, and it’s going to be fun taking a breaking from watching old Seizou peep on Jin in the shower. I know he put it in, and Hanako was the one that almost got peeped on, but Jin only took it down when she went in there. Which means he lets them watch his showering, YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Kouga originally had a black suit that almost looks like Silver Crow from Accel World, but he demands that is is modified as into the image of Alphas. The stealth element of the suit is all but gone, and it hasn’t even been tested yet, and Kouga runs into batter with it. Though, have to admit, the flying ship is really cool.

The reaction Kouga had to his suit…it was a sad kind of nostalgia. Be we can relate to him, he’s trying really hard to help those around him, and it’s not quite working. Like everyone else, he’s trying to find his place in the world, and that’s what we’re like, in a way.

Anyways, more fighting next episode. I’m pretty sure they’re going to either skip or modify that infamous “mansion scene”, but looking forward to it. Not much else to watch anyway. Sigh.


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