Summer 2012 Anime Preview


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7 Responses

  1. KashZero says:

    yes!!finally new season!!

  2. the boss says:

    Champione is good, i wouldnt be so quick to shoot down the anime if you didnt read the light novels

    • the boss says:

      also blood lad manga is good too

    • Vantage says:

      I’d be willing to check it out, but it’s been proven true time and time again that anime adaptations often fall short of the original light novels, since they often try to cram too much in. Hmm, at least it’s not by J.C. Staff.

  3. guro says:

    As long as Satelight doesn’t botch it up, Total Eclipse is gonna be pretty damn awesome.

  4. Dreadlust says:

    Running out of things to watch can’t wait :D!! Especially ecchi and romance ones.

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