Sankarea Episode 7: Childhood Friends



As Wanko does deliveries for her inn with Furuya, she flashbacks to how they first met and how she fell in love with him, despite his weird fetish for zombies. Jealous over Furuya’s kiss with Rea, she nearly kisses him as well but fails in doing so and runs off, proclaiming that she’ll never lose to Rea.


It’s nice to see that Wanko’s more than just your regular childhood friend character that turns out to be a third wheel when the main heroine comes along. The way in which she fell in love with him was, as she said herself, unique, due to Furuya’s neutrality towards anything that isn’t zombie related, yet managing to display moments of prince-like actions (I guess not being afraid of graves and waving poles at dogs are pretty heroic to kids). I bet Wanko got a shock though, when she realized that her “prince” was in fact a zombie-loving kid that wasn’t scared of extreme horror.

Speaking of baby Furuya, he was a creepy, creepy kid. I don’t mind him as he is now, since he has a personality and everything, but the kid Furuya back then was a bit spooky, if only because all he did was stare at the TV, try to dig up corpses from under trees or rent out horror movies from the local store. Why does the guy even let a 5-year old rent out violent zombie flicks? And why do his parents not mind, seeing as they run a temple? I did love the irony of the boys teasing Furuya for playing with a girl though – I’ll bet they have no idea that in about 10 years, they’ll curse the fact that Furuya’s childhood friend was someone like Wanko (much like Yasutaka is doing right now). Ahh, the wonders of hormones…

It would have been a great plot twist, but if Wanko actually managed to kiss Furuya, with Rea somehow watching it would have been too much drama for me to take. Both of them remember how they first met and got to know each other, (something which Wanko is secretly impressed by xD) though Wanko probably took to heart Furuya’s desire to kiss a zombie girl too much. The fact that it actually happened might have just killed her poor heart a little…

  • The point they made is that Wanko’s not just there for gratuitous fanservice, but it’s not stopping them from shamelessly sticking more in next ep xD


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