Natsuiro Kiseki Episode 5: Rin’s Imaginary Whale



On the way home after finding out that a shop has ordered the wrong poster instead of the Four Seasons one Yuka wanted, Rin catches a cold and is forced to stay at home the next day. Yuka drops by and decides to spend the day with Rin, suggesting that she should use the big rock to wish away Rin’s cold, though Rin isn’t too receptive to the idea. The following day, it’s Yuka’s turn to get sick and the girls realize that things will change once Saki leaves, and they plan to make the best use of the time they have left.


It may feel a bit weird, but this is the very first episode where the girls haven’t actually wished anything on the rock, meaning that this is the first non-supernatural related episode we’ve had so far, with no dodgy magical incidents occurring – I don’t know whether I find that a good thing or not, since the series drives a lot of its interest from the big rock and its capabilities. I think Rin was right to stop Yuka from wishing away her cold though, because of the kinds of things the rock has granted them before – as well as the fact that the wishes eventually revert, meaning that even if it works, Rin would end up having her cold back again.

Yuka and Rin really are good friends, similar to Natsumi and Saki’s relationship with each other. Rin’s “I’ll do what you want to do” came across here as well, and it was nice to see that Yuka shares that kind of loyalty towards Rin, giving up her Four Seasons poster for another day to take care of Rin while she was ill (and re-watching some Four Seasons blu-ray while she was at it xD)

I never would have guessed that the four of them ended up becoming friends because of Rin’s hallucinating whale whenever she got ill. She’s always been spacing out and slightly out of it, but like Yuka, I’m pretty sure I believe that she can see the whale. Even though Saki might find Yuka annoying, all of them believe that it’s only right with the four of them together, which brings us back to that bittersweet inevitable end that Saki’s moving to Tokyo, with this being their last summer together ;_; It’s not likely, but I really, really hope that she somehow ends up not moving, since the four of them don’t deserve to be split up like that.

Saki’s little preview commentary at the end of the last ep turned out to not be so threatening after all, since she and Natsumi are more focused on their last tennis tournament which hopefully provides a little suspense. I sure held my breath when Yuka slipped and nearly fell down the stairs – that would have been a serious plot twist o.O


I love cute things.

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  1. TimesTicking says:

    I wish I can see imaginary whales…
    I wonder if they are gonna make a wish on the big rock for the two of them to win the tennis match O.o

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