Naruto Shippuden Episode 264: Bijuudama

Oh, so the ninja version of Hyper Beam actually has a name…



Bee tries to teach Naruto the next step in his Bijuu training – the Bijuudama, which is a compression of energy that is fired outwards all at once. As Naruto does not have a good relationship with the Kyuubi, he is forced to resort to using Rasengan while in Bijuu mode, however Bee quickly picks up on the similarities between the Bijuudama and Rasengan, hinting that it might have been thought up by the Fourth Hokage from seeing the Bijuu use it against him.

Back at Kabuto’s base, Kabuto teaches Tobi the workings behind the reanimation jutsu, and doesn’t fail to mention that the only weakness it has is the fact that he’s just told him all of this info.


The Edo Tensei has no weaknesses, huh? What a bold statement, though I think Kabuto’s actually telling the truth there. He has no reason to lie to…oh wait, yes he does. Even though they’re allies at the moment, we’re reminded that in no way are Kabuto and Tobi best friends or anything – they both think that they’re using the other person, and so it’s wound down to a psychological battle in which one has to try and outwit the other and maintain their ace cards hidden up their sleeves without losing them as an ally – because of course, Kabuto can’t take on the Rinnegan as of yet, and Tobi can’t do without all the Edo Tensei people that Kabuto’s grave robbed. If you take Kabuto and his corpses away, all you have is Tobi, and a bunch of flying Zetsu. Man, that was hilarious.

What is this I’m hearing? Naruto’s learning a new move? Oh wait, it turns out to be yet another variant of Rasengan after all. Granted, it was shown a lot earlier in the series and did cause a lot of trouble to the people it was fired against, and I’m glad that it got some explanation in the end. If Naruto’s able to pull off that 8:2 ratio and get down the Bijuudama, it’ll give him a good trump card to use against Sasuke when the time comes – those two are so overpowered now, I have no idea who’d come out the winner in a fight in the future. It’s true the Sharingan’s able to control Bijuus though…and presumably that controls the Jinchuuriki too, if you fully transform?

Anyway, next week we begin the first of the open fights in the war – the previous one was an ambush battle after all, while this is out in the open. And if you haven’t guessed from the preview, it’s Kakashi vs Zabuza. Again. Man this is gonna be nostalgic…


I love cute things.

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