Hyouka Episode 4: Theories and Explanations



Eru decides to tell Satoshi and Mayaka about the mystery she wants Houtarou to solve, and it is conducted as a proper Classics Club activity. She invites over the rest of the club to her mansion after asking them to find information surrounding what happened 45 years ago, and they present their summaries and theories one by one. Houtarou, having prepared no theory at all, decides to listen to the rest of them and manages to draw his own conclusion.


Whew! That was certainly an info-packed episode, though I definitely think there’s more to it than what Houtarou deduced, and I’ll be explaining why in a bit.

The idea of Sekitani Jun, Eru’s uncle, being the leader in some kind of protest movement was one that I’d considered before, especially when you think of all the student protest stuff that occurred during the 1960s. I’d actually thought it was the Vietnam War when Satoshi first mentioned student protest, before I realized that they were in Japan, and the mess over foreign nose-poking into the war came from the USA.

In the end, Houtarou came up with the conclusion that Sekitani had been expelled from school due to being the ringleader in a student protest over the culture fair. While this does seem accurate based on what everyone had come up with, I can’t help but think that it was a bit on the small side, that there was something larger-scale than that. One thing is how everyone came up with slightly altered theories based on the suspiciously small amount of info that they got. You’d think that if it was a fight to keep the length of days the fair went on for, they’d state things more clearly. I know students usually can exaggerate stuff over the years, but when you use words like “epic”, “kind hero” and “quiet fighter”, it makes it sound like it was a bigger movement rather than just a boycott. And do schools expel people for organising a non-violent protest?

Maybe I’m just going off on a tangent that won’t lead anywhere, but things are so covered up that it can’t be just a simple protest against the culture fair length. The fact that Eru cried isn’t explained either, nor how Sekitani didn’t try to comfort her – there must have been some other reason that hasn’t been explained yet.

I found the Chitanda mansion to be quite ominous as well, purely because of the long passageways and how I felt that something would happen if Houtarou did get lost, as if they had something to hide. I dunno, I might be just overthinking things, I tend to do that. Always a nice timed bit of rain to provoke suspicion xD Anyway, whatever the truth turns out to be, more will be revealed next week – “The Truth of the Classics Club” being a good enough teaser, no?


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