Hyouka Episode 3: The Old Anthologies



Eru tells Houtarou about a past memory in which her late uncle told her something about the Classics Club that ended in her being distressed, with her uncle strangely not trying to calm her down at all. Wanting to remember what it was, she asks Houtarou for help and he somewhat agrees, making moves to recover the past anthologies to find a lead to uncovering the mystery.


Looks like we’re stepping it up a notch – and I wasn’t disappointed at all. Here we have an actual mystery, that seemed a bit stupid at first but definitely captured my interest the more Eru became agitated over what her uncle could have possibly said. Being just a (very cute) child at the time, she probably would have cried easily over little things, but it’s how her uncle never tried to calm her down when he’s normally so friendly that seemed really off.

Maybe it looks like the Classics Club was involved with a dark past 45 years ago after all. I’m glad Houtarou kind of agreed to take the request in the end – so he does have a heart after all xD Now I’m convinced that Houtarou’s sister Tomoe knows something about this – her asking him to join the Kotenbu wasn’t just a coincidence.

“Oh shit I’m going to have to search the entire school no way let’s just solve this” was probably Houtarou’s line of thinking, which was certainly enough motivation for him to piece all the subtle clues together and work out the problem. I caught on to the fact that the medicine safe was disguised as something else and it was still in the room, as well as the fact that shady rich guy got even shadier with his attempt at the Lelouch rage face when he realized he was being blackmailed. And all the while Houtarou was just chilling there xD

Seriously though, illegal tobacco? And he’s fanning the smell out through the window, and placing a suspicious sensor outside the door? You know…you could have just kind of…smoked out the window instead, which would have solved everything? Anyway, the guy pissed me off. I don’t take well to older male senpai’s for some reason, since they’re either always suspicious or is going after the female lead, which would have been Eru in this case. Unforgivable.

The way the past members made it sound like it was a dark secret never to be uncovered gave it a really ominous feeling, complete with the “best not told” kind of tone. From what I got of it, Eru’s uncle did something that sounded oddly anti-heroic that apparently affected…something…yeah, we hardly have any info right now. Even more ominous is how the first volume is missing, as if there’s something the Kotenbu alumni really need to hide…

  • 1) So Eru-chan has a cold – oh KyoAni, going through a list of moe attributes, are we?
  • 2) Mayaka’s randomly a Kotenbu member now? o.O
  • 3) Here’s to betting that they’ll stop by the uncle’s home at some point, in search for more clues.


I love cute things.

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2 Responses

  1. TimesTicking says:

    I wonder what is Houtarou’s IQ…
    Genius people sure are lazy ^^

    • Vantage says:

      He was probably too lazy to take the IQ test in the first place LMAO.

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