Fate/Zero episode 20: All Secondary character must die !


There is nothing in life like a meaningless sentence without purpose

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5 Responses

  1. Eva says:

    “know the kid and rider a bit more before they die heroically in their fight against saber”

    People honestly believe this? That the one with coming of age is going to die?

    Lord El Melloi II (also known as Waver Velvet) outlives everyone and takes down the Great Grail in twenty years in the future, after a battle with the Magic Association that wanted it for its own unethical use. Other Masters, are you even trying?

    Rider’s talk about his true battle being a future one in episode 13 was a foreshadowing for his greatness to come.

    • takashid says:

      Dude don’t give spoilers. it ruins the experience for new viewers. let them speculate and enjoy it as it comes.

      • Eva says:

        Calling Waver a ‘small loser’ after the steady character development he’s getting is asking for someone to slap them in the head with a book of hero’s journey. He has the textbook example of coming of age.

        • ZeroG says:

          Well, in Fate Zero right now, he hasn’t done much and he was and still is the least dangerous master of the bunch. So, since he is the weakest and the smallest in size too, I think that calling him a small loser is simply appropriate. No matter what his future can be, his past isn’t one of glory.

          • Eva says:

            Well that’s what I like about Waver, he’s the most… normal (lack of a better word) of the bunch. He wasn’t even SUPPOSED to be in this Holy Grail war, though fate certainly helped him doing so by getting his hands on Rider’s relic.

            I really like Rider’s influence on Waver’s character development. We’ve seen some change in both of them, and it’s really for the better.

            you have any idea how badly i wanted to cover the last two episodes

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