Aquarion Evol episode 19: Filling holes gone wrong


There is nothing in life like a meaningless sentence without purpose

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2 Responses

  1. Kuro says:

    I have two predictions, either Andy and MIX will be a BL affair or MIX will get back to normal and have his/her big bangs back (Kagura’s ability to reverse the sex change would be a plausible way to do it). General prediction is that MIX will fill Andy’s hole, what ever that is.

    Also, Mykage is a fucking troll.

    • ZeroG says:

      If Mix returns to normal, it might be Andy filling Mix Hole…if you know what I mean.

      But on a more serious note, I completely agree that Mykage really is an amazing troll, I have no clue what his real motivations are, but he acts like he is doing everything for the lulz.

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