Uchuu Kyoudai Ep 1: An Opportunity of a Lifetime [First Impression]

Two brothers had made a promise with each other that they will become astronauts after seeing what is to believe a UFO. However things don’t go according to plan, and unfortunately it was only younger brother, Hibito who managed to become one while his elder brother Mutta finds him unemployed after head-butting his supervisor. However Hibito still believes they can make that dream come true, and indirectly gives Mutta an opportunity to try embracing their dream once again.

First Impression:

Mutta’s seiyuu (Hirata Hiroaki) is the same guy who did Kotetsu from Tiger & Bunny!
I’M GETTING BETTER AT THIS! I don’t pay attention to the cast for the seiyuus too much because I usually can’t tell or I don’t ever remember names- but hell yeah!

I really love the story right now, and the promise between the two brothers. Apparently this is supposed to be around 50 episodes, if so this will be a long journey.

All I can say is, I’m going to love this show. I love space,and seriously- I’m not lying, I would have loved to get involved in the studies of NASA and all that as a career. The universe is such a fascinating subject!!!

It’s really cool how this this mission that Hibito will be taking par to of it part of a Colonization Rehearsal on the Moon for the Mars Colonization mission they hope to do in the future, and will be the first Japanese to step onto the moon. I’m loving the set up, so I’m looking forward to this.

It’s ironic about the ‘event’ that happened on both brother’s birth dates. Mutta’s was disappointment, and Hibito was glory. I feel so bad for Mutta, poor guy, he’s living such a miserable life.
So I did started crying a bit when he received the notice that his resume was accepted by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA). I felt so happy for him- especially that it’s a very difficult job to get accepted into.

However…I’m just a bit concerned about how Hibito might be involved besides providing the opportunity. I hope he didn’t step out of the line and do anything that may be considered offensive to Mutta and hurt his pride. I doubt he had done so since I doubt he would have any influence on those who go through the applicants. Either way, it’s great that he was able to have their mother send in Mutta’s resume so that they could embrace this opportunity.

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