Senki Zesshou Symphogear Ep 13: Faith [FINAL]

With all three girls back on their feet, they do everything in their power to ensure defeating Finè. However once they have, Finè hasn’t given up and with the last of her strength, she pulled the shattered piece of the moon into the Earth’s gravity. Hibiki and the girls then go up to stop it from making impact.

Final Impression:

Well judging the circumstances how it ended, I’m not entirely surprised that Hibiki turned out to be alive. A few weeks ago I would’ve still had the idea she’d definitely die. The ending was bittersweet.
However I’m slightly confused because… the whole swan song she was starting- uh… yeah… um she either didn’t finish it, or it had no effect on her because of the ‘union’ with Tsubasa and Chris. I don’t really get it… But whatever. That song though was great, I loved it. Perfect touch for a final attack.

Of all characters, Miku who has absolute no power at all is by far the bravest character of the entire show. She was the one who said she’d go to the surface to support Hibiki and believe that she won’t give into the darkness, and she was the one to continue being strong, even though Hibiki was no where to be found.

It was nice to see Ryoko’s side come out just because she disappeared. Honestly, I don’t believe that she has completely vanished until this point. Finè is just a crazy batshit insane, immortal priestess that is obsessed with destroying the moon thinking that would solve all the problems in the world. She even put on a fake face and then was responsible for pulling the fallen chunk of the moon into the Earth’s gravity in the first place.

While it was definitely a sweet way to end the story, this episode had a bit of flaws. In fact, it was this episode in particular where the sound effects completely deafened out the songs, so I either couldn’t even hear it or barely heard it. That isn’t a good thing when this show is music based. They should’ve had the songs the priority rather than the sound effects- but that’s just my insight. I’m not an audio expert person, nor do I have the best ears. So in the end, it might just be me considering this a problem.

Overall Senki Zesshou Symphogear was an enjoyable experience, and was fun to watch. I liked the characters (although Hibiki annoyed the hell out of me for a long time because of her stupdity), I’m glad that they survived, though I have to admit, I think it would’ve left a bigger impact if Hibiki had died, but anyhow- happy ending, woohoo.

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2 Responses


    alright then yea i guess all is ok yea we get happy ending.

    everyone is wow cause hibiki, tsubasa, & chris are back with power-up super mode.
    oh they also develop mind saying so fine release the noises of kraken army.
    cue chris riding the infinite justice jetpack blasting, tsubasa’s bigger sword, & hibiki punch beam.
    equal squash all the noise but fine gut slash self to combine all noise & sword.
    to a giant red viper that blast a city.
    now triple team attack with distract to give hibiki the sword even pushing by chris’ gun.
    sword grab & with everyone support the viper been slayed by synchogazer slash!!!
    after fight hibiki carrying & trying reason fine then here come last boss.
    aka fine just pulled the moon piece to fall onm earth.
    yea after some fine saying just one soft tap punch by hibiki on fine give some wake-up saying.
    ryoko within fine came back with little finger touch & believe in the song of your heart.
    so now hibiki flying to stop moon piece with tsubasa & chris to join as well.
    cue bigger sword, endless missile, & hibiki launching boom moon piece & miku crying.
    fast forward back to crying miku on hibiki’s grave hear trouble & oh remains of noise.
    look like oh no but surprise they’re back & ok yes miku you can leap jump grab hibiki now.
    finally hibiki & miku get their meteor watching shower indeed THE END.

    well now it all done give indeed this what we get combine madoka, nanoha, singing, chris the human gundam, xenosaga, genjuro-akuma, etc & yes yuri lesbian on it overall ok then now is ok all worth some watching now let wonder a dub version on it?

  2. Vantage says:

    Hibiki is one of the friendliest characters I’ve seen for a long time xD Happy endings are always better than bittersweet, dreary ones, though I’m not too sure how all three girls managed to survive singing their swan songs multiple times.

    Also it’s symbolic how Hibiki means “noise/sound” in Japanese, and how Tsubasa means “wings”. Very fitting xD

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