Sankarea Episode 4: I’m Finally Free



Rea goes to Furuya’s house, where she stitches up her wounds. When Furuya asks what exactly he has to take responsibility for, all she says is that she wishes to experience all the things a normal girl would – visiting an amusement park, a museum, going shopping etc. Furuya gets called out by Wanko and tells Rea to remain in his room, however when he gets back he finds her body stiff and rigid, and realizes Rea’s corpse is undergoing rigor mortis.


I knew things wouldn’t be so carefree. All those light-hearted reactions to morbid stuff like stitching up your own wounds ended up converging in a real problem that is completely realistic but managed to go unnoticed – rigor mortis, the state of the body becoming clammy, stiff and generally dead, which is how loads of zombies are portrayed in movie flicks and so on. It’s actually a temporary issue, and rigor mortis fades after a short while, but I don’t think Furuya’s going to remember that. Time to carry dead bodies through the house! And need I remind anyone that Furuya lives in a temple?

Rea is much sexier dead, as strange as that may sound. It must be the eyes – I thought they were just some kind of special effect or temporary look, but I’m glad that her eyes stayed red. She doesn’t actually want much out of Furuya other than to go shopping with him, visit amusement parks and just hang out, which are all things she’s never been able to do before because of her douche of a father. Just ask Furuya out already, no need to beat around the bush xD

The bath scene finally gave us some good Rea fanservice. We’ve finally earned this, guys. Even the grandpa couldn’t take it anymore, though admittedly he’s actually got the excuse of being senile ^^

So it’s confirmed that Rea’s mother is a bitch as well. Her daughter ran away from home, and the first thing she can think of is that it’ll affect her reputation? I bet no-one really thinks highly of her (much less her own husband) seeing as how even the maids are badmouthing her behind her back, and she seems to always be drunk and never sober. The father on the other hand is wallowing in his own pity, which might have made me sympathize even a bit if it wasn’t for the fact that he has all her naked pictures lying around. I can tell he’s going to become a huge iceberg in the way of the Furuya x Rea ship, and I’d like nothing more than for Furuya to force him to recognize them like a proper man.

From the preview it seems like Rea runs into Wanko next week, which was inevitable given that she always seems to be around. Zombie raep time!


I love cute things.

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