Sankarea Episode 3: People Die if they Are Killed

Or…apparently not. HA, there goes your whole life’s social and moral value, Emiya Shirou.



Rea wakes up with the potion apparently not having taken any effect, and though she gets changed for school, her father immediately questions her on it and she realizes he wasn’t lying about her being absolutely grounded. Despite that, she still sneaks out to look for Furuya, with her father and butler tailing her to see where she goes. Meanwhile, Furuya and Wanko are chasing after Babu, who after being resurrected, is running off to the Sanka household, where he is found eating hydrangea plants. Rea’s father confronts her on top off a cliff that Furuya is under, and as he strikes her Rea falls off the cliff and dies, only to return to life as a zombie.


“So I’m not even allowed to die…”

Well, well well. First off, I’ve gotta praise Studio Deen for not cutting back on the amount of realistic blood in this ep, especially considering that Rea fell off a high cliff and got more or less torn apart by a conveniently placed root near the bottom. It looks like the potion worked after all, and kept her alive even though she should have died after hitting that root. I don’t feel that censoring is needed really, but I guess with her insides spilling out that might have been justified enough (see, this is why anime airs on late night TV xD) Actually I should have predicted they’d censor too much gore, given that we were denied Wanko’s glorious figure last week T_T

I really respected Rea for being able to put on a smile and greet her parents like any loving child would after what her father did to her the night before. Reminding us of Rea’s framed naked pedo pictures on the wall didn’t improve my impression of the guy. It’s more oppression than being strict for her own good, and it’s disgusting to see that her mother is not much different – in the sense they are both mistreating their daughter, but in this case her mother could care less. And she gets drunk first thing in the morning. Seriously, who does that?

The long Babu chase gave us much to speculate – Babu ended up going back to the Sanka grounds where he was first given the resurrection potion, and started eating hydrangea leaves. Given that the potion’s essential ingredient is hydrangea, the most sensible option would be that the leaves keep the effects working. We also have Babu to thank for scaring Rea’s father (scared of a small cat…really?) which indirectly helped Rea fall off the cliff. I wouldn’t have put it past her to have jumped had she gotten the chance, seeing as she tried to kill herself once. It’s also ironic how it’s a bed of hydrangea that broke her fall (somewhat).

So we can now get on with the main plot of the story – Furuya and his life with a moe zombie girl, that still manages to look slightly moe even with red eyes and covered in blood. You can’t blame her, she looks so happy now that she’s finally free.


I love cute things.

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  1. TimesTicking says:

    Damn that was pretty gory when they showed her fall.
    Now it seems like this show is gonna start getting better from episode 4 XD

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