Nazo no Kanojo X episode 1 [First Impression]: Sweet mother of Drool

I was drooling all over while I was watching this first episode



This show is unique to say the least. I was expecting something fucked up and weird, but I must admit I was expecting something more on the comedy side for some reason. Not that I dislike how fucked up and serious this show actually is, I actually think I love it even more that way. I was expecting some crazy ecchi with just some original characters, but it doesn’t look anyway like that at all.

If she is trying to look insane, she is doing it right

The first thing that caught my attention with this anime is how old the animations looked. It had this grainy and low definition look to it, It was kind of a minor disappointment. But at the same time, the animation and style reminded me of some other special show like Paprika or Serial Experiment Lain, so it did add to the seinen and dreamy style of the anime.


The second thing that caught my attention was this artistic and seinen way to present the story. There is this weird atmosphere in the show, were it looks like everything is just a little bit too normal to be real. There is this calm and constant feeling that everything you are watching at the moment is important. Because every dialogue and actions are so slow, we can really appreciate the feelings behind them.

I would wake up with headache if I were to dream stuff like that

Next thing that caught my attention was obviously the characters. They are unique to say the least. While Urabe is quite rapidly labelled as a weirdo, I don’t think Tsubaki is any better. Who in their right mind would taste the saliva of someone else on a whim like that? No wonder he got sick in the first place, even if it was not love sickness. But let us return to our characters, Tsubaki might look like a regular guy, but he has some pretty weird and colorful dreams, not only that, he fell in love at first sight with a girl whose face looked retarded and she had drool on her cheek while looking at him with a confused look.  I think Urabe isn’t the only one who has some mental issues.


But talking of the mysterious girlfriend in question, Urabe is a lost cause, she hear voices while she sleeps in class and proceed to laugh her ass off and roll on the floor laughing. She is so antisocial that even when everyone tried to talk to her and be compassionate towards her, she still managed to avoid all the attention and stay lonely at her desk. She spent her time sleeping during lunch break, so I wonder if that girl ever actually eat and while it was only revealed in the preview for next episode, we also know that she carries around scissor in her panties to cut paper. If anything, this girl sure has a personality of her own.

This is slightly disturbing

Overall, I am positively surprised and impressed by this show, I was not expecting something so mysterious and serious from characters that are that special. I will most definitively watch this show and cover it. I think it might fit exactly in the kind of show I love and dream of.


Possibility of Watching: High

Possibility of Blogging: High


ZeroG signing off


Stay tuned for Oki’s impression


There is nothing in life like a meaningless sentence without purpose

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2 Responses

  1. Feng says:

    This was a near-exact translation of the original manga.

  2. Mekem says:

    I know this is gonna be good. I knew when I noticed:
    1. The main guy would not look badass in a cape
    2. The main girl was not perpetually smiling
    3. No evidence of tsunderes (I’m tired of them at the moment)
    4. Main girl did not look like she could be knocked over by a leaf

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