Mirai Nikki [future diary] ep 26 [final + impression] – TEARS, SQUEALS, CRYING, EVERYWHERE!!!

With Yuki trapped in the sphere and Ninth defeated…is there any hope for the Third Yuno now?

Skip to the end if you’d just like to see my impression!

Yuki’s life inside of the sphere seems great. But outside of it, Yuno is hesitating to kill her other self. MuruMuru heals third world Yuno’s father in order to prevent a paradox, and then encourages Yuno to kill her other self.

Yuno approaches her third self who asks who she is. Yuno tells her that she will tell her her future, and begins to reiterate the sad tale of how her life escalated to what it was. Her mother’s depression worsened and her father stayed away from home, until eventually Yuno drugged them and locked them in her cage in order to make them feel her pain. But Yuno then tells her third world self that the pain won’t have to be much longer….

Third would Yuno interrupts her and tells her that she’s not suffering…that her mother is just sick and her father is just busy. Yuno remembers she used to believe that a bright and happy future existed….and wonders when it was she became so twisted.

Everything begins to happen rapidly. Yuki, inside the sphere, still manages to realize something wrong. Yuno’s father limps to the scene and Yuno’s mother arrives in a police car and runs there as well. Nishijima is sent to check if there are any injured. Yuki tells his parents he has something important to do, and Nishijima finds a battered and beaten Ninth.

Events start being altered rapidly! Tsubaki’s servants find the bomb under her parents car and Funatsu is captured…meaning she will never become the leader of a vile and vicious cult! This means fifth will never lose his parents to the cult either! At the same time, 12th has captured 3rd in the midst of evil doing.

Then it shows us Hinata taking care of her father’s dogs, something he never knew she did. Then we see that 8th is getting a call from 11th about assistance for the facility. Then 7th calls, and they just decide to go back to bed. Then 11th reveals his incomplete diary foresaw that he would die, so he decides he has to change the future as well. He tells Deus that the winner of the game went back into the past, and so Deus decides he must come up with a new way to determine who will become god.

Yuno realizes she wants to be with Yuki, and resolves to kill her other self for that. She moves to stab the other Yuno, but other Yuno’s father protects her. Then the third world Yuno’s mother comes to protect her, and Yuno realizes that she believed this day would come. But for her, it never did. Yuki in the sphere says he can’t go, and his parents say they’re on his side, because they’re his parents after all.

Yuno realizes Yuki did this when he ressolved to change the future, and she is brought to tears by that. Yuki’s parents tell him to go after what it is he wants, it was precious enough to give up his lost dream. Yuno begins to move in to try and kill all three of her family, and Fourth moves to shoot her. Yuki start trying to say Yuno’s name, and eventually breaks the sphere by saying her name.

Fourth shot his gun…but the bullet is stopped by MuruMuru!…But this MuruMuru is somehow different?! Yuki has broken out…and he embraces Yuno.

MuruMuru is revealed to be the MuruMuru of the second world, and she constricts her other self and reveals a 1 tattooed on her forehead. They both watch as Yuki tells Yuno to kill him, so that she’ll have a place in the second world and become it’s god. Instead, Yuno stabs herself and says she can’t stab him. They kiss, and Yuno dies…but her diary writes that she was happy.

With this, Yuki becomes god of the second world and MuruMuru returns him there.

Then…we cut to the fate of those in the third world in the aftermath! Ninth…HAS BABIES WITH NISHIJIMA YES YES YES YES MY LIFE!!! Fourth’s son is happy and healthy right beside him, too. 12th visits 3rd in prison and this annoys third…but somehow…I like this immensely….Ai and Marco are happy and MARRIED WITH A BABY ON THE WAY YES MY LIFE THIS I WANT BABIES PREGNANT AI YES HOORAY!!! Fifth is a normal kid and Tsubaki is innocent and sweet. Hinata and her father get along, and Akise is still the observer and reporting to MuruMuru and Deus that the abnormalities from the other world have all ceased. Finally, Yuno is happy…and Yuki is together with his parents, and the girl he had a crush on before. Yuno though, feels as if she has forgotten something…

Meanwhile….Yuki is not so fortunate. It has been about 10,000 years since he became god, and he is overcome with grief at losing Yuno. In fact, all he does is stare at his phone and it’s only entry…

In fact….it seems Yuki will never know happiness, or anything again for that matter.

….unless you wait until after the credits.

And now I give my final impression.



The animation in Mirai nikki was freaking great. Have you seen the manga? Major upgrade. It gets the point that Yuno is a pretty girl across. Before she looks like a weird skeleton person so the insanity just kind of…seemed natural to me. Now she’s like HEY I’M A GIRL ALSO I AM INSANE. Also, just the backgrounds. unf. 9/10 for some duuuh moments


Freaking great, but nothing special. Just right for it. 7/10


Okay guys. If I have any reason to recommend this show to you, here it is. Watch this show. If my reviews haven’t indicated. Watch. this. Show. The plot is amazing. Even when the characters don’t seem endearing, and trust me for the first few episodes they’re…they’re all assholes. But even then, the whole idea is executed so well. Not to mention, HOW THE HELL DID A GOOD ENDING COME OUT OF THAT? watch this show guys. It’s….it’s worth it. 10/10

Final Word: 9/10

Watch eet.

Now here’s my only deal about this anime. First off, you guys probably know all the wank about the ending. That’s because there is literally 3 minutes worth of ending stuff they cut out, namely Yuki and Yuno being reunited and the greatest ever way to solidify their romance. In the manga, I kind of didn’t like Yuno so that was ok. So why now animu? Now that you made me love my yandere insane waify…wry? All you guys need to know is..the studio is stupid. Yuno and Yuki are reunited, rule together forever, go see the stars together. HAPPY END.

BUT THERE’S ONE THING THEY FORGOT TO MENTION. Oh yeah. It’s super secret top underground footage just for you guys from me. Those damn high school girls get what’s coming to them.

High school bitches: Wow. We sure showed that girl for being different and having a personality. We totally got her gangraped!

Oki: You guys are the worst human beings ever.

HSB: What are you gonna do about it you short little red headed anime blogger?

Oki: That’s it, you’re getting your comeuppance, time for badly drawn self bad ass ification! I’m gonna kick your ass with my animu fanart, and become a magical animu character!

HSB: HAH! Do you know how many badass warrior chicks have tried to kill us for getting them gangraped? Hell, for getting their sisters/brothers/puppies gangraped? That will do nothing to our power.

Oki: Curses…what can I possibly do?! They’ve gone far too long without their comeuppance…and Yuno is sane now! Wait…insanity…me…drawing…I’ve got it! Eat the product of anti depressant medication failin you sons of bitches!

HSB:…Well fuck

Yup….Mirai Nikki…the best anime ever made…




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