Mirai Nikki [future diary] ep 24: why yuno you are slightly insane

So we start this episode with Yuki and Yuno talking, and Yuno saying that if Yuki doesn’t want to kill her then obviously, she should be able to kill him! To which point Yuki says Yuno has gone insane. And the rest of us say…


Yuno and MuruMuru knock Yuki off of the building and he falls, thinking of everyone. Somehow he gains the courage to make his way back up (and the ability to fly since he fell off the nearest part…..) and tell Yuno he loves her. Why. Well. no idea here bro….WAIT SHE’S HOT THAT’S IT!

Unfortunately love can’t save everything so he gets knocked off again…only to be saved by NINTH WHO IS AMAZING AND I LOVE HER AND OH GOD I’M SO HAPPY SHE’S COME BACK TO MEEE

MuruMuru demands to know why Ninth is still alive and …Ninth just fabulously rebuffs her attacks with a hand from Deus. unf…unffffffffff

MuruMuru and Yuno escape to the third world and Yuki and Ninth follow, but end up two hours earlier in time than Yuno and Murumuru ended up. They also ended up in the past before Yuno killed her parents, and so Yuki but save the third Yuno from being killed by the second Yuno. Meanwhile, the third Yuno is locked in a cage as her mother is calling her father …

Meanwhile…we cut to Tsubaki! Tsubaki, or sixth, was the leader of the evil cult…but right now it is before her parents were killed. She is talking to Funatsu, the man who betrayed her parents, and we see him going to place a bomb under their car and openly mocking Tsubaki. Eleventh is seen perfecting the future diaries and presenting them to Deus, who rules they need to find a way to decide who will become contestants.

Then we see Yuki and Ninth come to 3rd Yuno, who is in the cage. Ninth tells him not to interfere, but she starts choking after trying to eat the tatami matts, so he calls 911 and says it seems like a case of child abuse

Yuno finally appears and she comes with a giant sphere…..and seemingly, Yuki’s parents! Ninth takes 3rd Yuno and Yuki away, but Yuki protests. The game is still going on…and at this rate, who will become god?




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