Medaka Box Episode 2: Medaka Loves Animals




A second-year, Ariake-senpai requests the Student Council’s aid for solving the problem of a threat she found in her sports locker along with a ruined set of spikes. Medaka immediately deduces the culprit down to everything but their name from just the letter and the state of the shoes, and goes down to the sports field to catch the culprit. After being outrun by Medaka, Isahaya-senpai denies having touched Ariake’s spikes or making the note, but Medaka believes her immediately, dropping the matter. Feeling guilty, Isahaya takes Ariake’s trainers and replaces them with a brand-new set of spikes and an apology note.

When Zenkichi is asked to complete a request to find a lost puppy, he miserably fails after finding out the puppy had grown into a much bigger dog. Medaka helps him out, only for Shiranui to find out that while Medaka loves animals, animals don’t love her for some reason, with the dog fleeing from her and hiding behind Zenkichi.


She kinda looks like Yui doesn't she.

So now we begin watching the Medaka Box in action – various people submitting requests for various reasons, with Medaka somehow completing them all and making both herself and the box popular. It’s not surprising actually, given how she handled stuff like the incident with Ariake-senpai and the supposed threat to quit her athletics club. Medaka’s like some kind of Sherlock Holmes, being able to deduce so much information from just the state of the shoes and the letter. Actually I’d be quite scared if I got a letter with newspaper cuttings like that, since usually it’s a method used by stalkers or crazy insane people with pink hair.

The detail about the culprit using the same kind of shoes I would have probably got, but the use of left handed scissors or the person loving that particular brand logo might have been Medaka looking too deep into it. But hey, if Medaka says so, then it must be right!

Again I find myself humbled with respect in comparison to her, and it has nothing to do with her athletic skills either. Isahaya-senpai is so obviously the culprit, and pretty much confessed to everything she did right in front of Medaka – she fits the conditions Medaka deduced as well. When Isahaya lied and Medaka just believed her, then praised her for her effort, I bet she must have been feeling like such a bitch for having lied to someone that thought of the best in everyone. We see that shounen-like ability to change people for the better yet again, and this time she didn’t even try.

When Zenkichi went to tackle that dog, I couldn’t help but notice he didn’t wear his jersey + jacket combo that day – yeah, probably a good idea, especially when his internal organs sausages and pretty much the rest of his body got mauled over by that dog. Then I had a lot of pity for that dog when Medaka turned up in a dog suit with a fresh topping of fanservice, because given her…abilities, I can’t blame the animals for being scared of her presence. I mean, she’s perfect, there’s no way she’d be the one scared of animals xD

The ED, which was shown for the first time doesn’t show too much, but stuff can still be inferred if you think hard enough ^^ Looks like we’ll be encountering Akune next episode, so if you love bishies, you’re in for a treat.

(Also Zenkichi, your clothes were kinda cool…ish.)


I love cute things.

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