Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? Of the Dead episode 1 [First Impression]: The Deviant Zombie is Back !


There is nothing in life like a meaningless sentence without purpose

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2 Responses

  1. Mekem says:

    Still not a kick.
    What a riot! No shortcuts this time Ayumu, you are gonna suffer and you are gonna live with it.
    Even though Miss Fairy will probably turn out to be real, I still really like the idea of an awesome character like her be a figment of our hero’s imagination. Isn’t it kinda funny how she was eating squid and a squid Megalo appeared?

    Also, class rep isn’t a new character, she was in the first season the whole time.

    • ZeroG says:

      I must admit that it would indeed be funny if the fairy was part of Ayumu’s imagination, but he doesn’t have that kind of imagination, so it is unlikely.

      but thank you for pointing out that the class rep was already in the previous season, I had no memory what so ever of her presence lol

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