Hiiro No Kakera Episode 3 + 4: One, Two, Three- LOGOS!


The gang gets a new member- Shinji, who has returned from fighting with bears in the mountain training in order to awaken his guardian powers. An investigation of the kekai leads to more questions as they are confronted by Logos members.

Episode 4


The five guardians visit to have their questions answered- who is the original Tamayorihime, and what are the artifacts? A fight with Logos at full power leaves everyone beaten.


THEY BETTER COME UP WITH SOMETHING BETTER THAN HANG OUT AROUND A TABLE AT LUNCH AND WALK HOME TOGETHER, FOR THE LOVE OF- OK, that aside, this episode’s impression was saved by the next episode (see below). We have another guardian to throw into the mix, and he’s a little different from the rest of them. Inukai comes off as the weaker portion of the gang, but when the gang actually does take on the Logos, he show’s his true form as the team support. His power over words is different from the aggressive, forward movements of everyone else. I think…in order to beat Logos, they have to think of a better way to fight, because the way they’re doing it now, it’s not working out very well in their favour, even if they hang around each other all the time. Use your brains, and fight again another day, guardians.

Tamaki is still as useless as ever, other than acting as the kekai breaking radar, and even Baba-sama says so. It’s because she hasn’t awakened as the Tamayorihime yet. I wonder what that means…either she’ll be possessed by the spirit from the past, or she has some kind of overwhelming power that everyone else wants? Logos seems more than keen to get their hands on it, since they have a team, and have a whole lot more information than the guardians, who as still discovering their power.

The weirdest part, is that all these people have the power to leave. The guardians are bound by duty to stay, but in truth, I think the responsibility keeps them pinned down in such a remote town. The same with the past priestess…notice that Tamaki’s mother never took on the responsibility of being the priestess, leaving Baba-san to train Tamaki ot take her place after she dies. Does Tamaki ever get a choice in this?

Show, don’t tell- the biggest things that irk me about this show. Do they really have to tell us how popular Shinji is with the girls every time? It’s really repetitive, and personally, I’d rather see screaming fangirls than read about them. And where the heck is the development between Tamaki and Takuma!?!



This is very visual novel in the day-to-day activities- they shouldn’t be afraid to mix things up to make an interesting show, seriously. At least Hakuouki has interesting history and awesome villains *cough*Amagiri*Kazama*cough* and interesting side characters to compensate (did someone say cross-dressing demon brother?).


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