Eva’s Status Update

Hi guys, as you can tell, I’m really slow in getting my entries out for the past three weeks. While I’m definitely in better condition than I was two weeks ago (for those who don’t know, I’m dealing with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome atm), because I happen to be stubborn and I’m pushing myself to continue using the computer and typing despite the fact my hands are in fact NOT completely healed yet.

Yeah yeah yeah I know, I really should take better precaution- everyone here on the team has been nagging me to do so *DUCKS* but I can’t help it. Anyways I’ll quit stalling and get started on the update.

I’ve decided to drop Area no Kishi and Hiiro no Kakera.
Both shows are not something I enjoy writing about nor are they worth my time. If I were in better condition, I’d be more than happy to continue them one way or another, but I have to be realistic and cut down the assignemnts. So much of covering 10+ shows this season! Sucks because I also really wanted to cover Hyouka even more so because nobody here is covering it!!! ;A; I guess I’ll have to resort to a Random Review for that one. *SOBS*

All there’s left to get out now is:

– Eureka Ao Ep 2 + 3
– Sakamichi no Apollon Ep 3
– Kuroko no Basket Ep 4
And with that I’ll be up to date.



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  1. domaavidda says:

    I believe that what is important is for you to get better. Writing reviews can wait so don´t be stubborn and rest those hands. (by a concerned viewer)

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