Acchi Kocchi Episode 3: Winter Showdown (May the Force be With You!)

*Tsumiki's cute face of the week*



Mayoi brings everyone outside and they all play in the snow, ending with a very very very very epic snowball fight, and then everyone takes part in cooking class and tastes each other’s plates they made.

I was never a figurine persone and I still want that figurine.




“I’m used to the cold too!”

“That’s no surprise, considering how cold of a reception your jokes get”

And that was when my crazy love for this show resurfaced after a week.

I’ve gotta admit, the producers knows how to pull out jokes out of their ass in order not to make the episodes redundant. This week, I was especially surprised by the idea that not only is Tsumiki the cutest thing in the whole entire world, she also happens to be a Chuck Norris apprentice. Unlike the usual cute, shy and clumsy type, looks like the cute and shy Tsumiki has incredible speed and power, as well as amazing cooking skillz!!

I didn’t expect this out of her, and I was pleasantly surprised and happy to see that this girl is even more awesome than I thought she would be.

Apart from this, I have to admit that overall the snowball fight was pretty damn epic, with Mayoi’s Snowball Gun saying “Yes, Master” and all that I want one of those. Io’s chopsticks were also absolutely brilliant :)

I also greatly enjoyed the cute ending again, it looks like Io will provide us with a few good liners every episode, just in order for everyone to remember how cute our couple is together ^.^ Ohh, how I love this show.

My intuition tells me that eating this would be a bit hard on the stomach... Don't you think?



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2 Responses

  1. TimesTicking says:

    I love watching this show XD
    I loved the part when they were making lunch :D especially how Tsumuki was looking at Io while cooking XD

    • Myst says:

      We always have our fave moments, personally the egg monster was what made me laugh the most, although the whole episode was absolutely priceless :) I can never get enough of this

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