Accel World Episode 4: Fragility and Sacrifice



When Haruyuki tells Kuroyukihime that he direct linked with Chiyuri, she seemingly gets jealous and runs off, with Haruyuki entertaining the idea that she might be in love with him. After he tells her about his findings, Haruyuki confronts her with the idea that Kuroyukihime is only loving him because of her perfection, earning him a slap in return. Araya attempts revenge by intending to crash a car against them, however Kuroyukihime sacrifices 99% of her burst points and uses Physical Full Burst, enabling her real body to accelerate and push Haruyuki out of the way, taking the hit and getting hospitalized. When Taku randomly shows up at the hospital, everything clicks into place and Haruyuki realizes the identity of Cyan Pile.



Fuck you Araya, no-one likes you. I’d even forgotten he was even in the story, but at least I can get some comfort knowing he was probably hurt in the crash too. Not even post-modern technology can get you completely unhurt after a car crash. Especially when you’re in the car xD

Anyway, so we get treated to another round of Haruyuki beating himself up for looking like the Japanese equivalent of Cartman. In his defence, he actually does, but he seriously hates himself far too badly, and has a massive inferiority complex that really needs to be sorted out. I mean, using words like “throw away” and “pawn”? Not everyone is Lelouch you know, and even then he was a nice guy to Nunnally. Haruyuki’s a bit like Yukiteru from Mirai Nikki in the “oh shit I’m useless and can’t do anything” sense, with a really bad choice of words to boot. I mean, talking about himself as something for Kuroyukihime to degrade herself with since she’s too perfect? Yeah, he deserved that slap.

If Haruyuki was a galge gamer he’d have noticed all the flags from the triggers he set up – I don’t think Kuroyukihime knows that Chiyu is a childhood friend, so her jealousy is justified in that sense. I’m getting the idea that direct linking is like an equivalent of sex that isn’t quite sex – something that strangers or even friends would not normally do together. Add the physical closeness from a short wire, and you have a tsundere Kuroyukihime, who coincidentally got a new, shorter wire xD

The confession was quite ironically timed – yeah, confess your love to someone as you’re about to save their life and get hit by a giant white car. Given that she outright confessed and was willing to kill 99% of her points to use Physical Full Burst for him, I no longer have any doubts about whether her love for Haruyuki is genuine or not. She loves him for what he is, which I really respect, and approached him because she believed he could figure out the secret to the Accel World, with no hidden agenda or target. I wasn’t afraid that Kuroyukihime would die at all, but the OST pulled me along anyway, and I found myself reacting at all the right moments ^^

So. Evil Taku is evil, especially with that look on his face once he saw poor old Haru. This will be the first dangerous battle since the debut one with Ash Roller, with the prize this time being Kuroyukihime’s life. Go on Haru – teach the poor bastard not to mess with pissed off fat dudes with a lack of self-confidence.


I love cute things.

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2 Responses

  1. TimesTicking says:

    This anime is progressing pretty fast.
    Shit is going down next episode XD

    • Vantage says:

      Indeed xD The manga portrayed Haru vs Taku really well, so I can’t wait to see how it pans out when animated.

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