Smile Precure! Ep 8: Precure Candy!

While Miyuki was on her way to school, Candy spots ‘falling stars’ and the two discover a pair of rings that the Wicked Witch had lost. Not knowing the consequences, the two put them on, only to discover that it switched their souls and they are now in each other’s body and cannot remove the rings!


Hahahahahah! My, this was a great episode! I had a good laugh!
The humour was brilliant. My favourite part was when the Wicked Witch was talking with the officer. It was so funny how he interpreted what she was saying exactly how we’d make fun of the situation. I felt really bad for Miyuki since Candy was just screwing everything up even though she’s just trying her hardest. Poor Miyuki, what a public humiliation… At least this created a temporally conflict between Candy and Miyuki, something in which I was expecting to see sooner or later.

I also couldn’t stop laughing when Miyuki was actually able to transform while using Candy’s body. I didn’t think it’d actually be possible, but I’m glad I was proven wrong.

Overall great episode, next week it appears that Yayoi is transferring schools- but the chances of her actually doing so are slim as perhaps the situation will change and she won’t have to, or it turned out to be a misunderstanding.

PS: Until the actual plot kick in, you can expect most of my Smile Precure! entries to be relatively short since there’s really nothing to elaborate about.


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