Smile Precure! Ep 5: “Here have a POISONOUS APPLE!”

Miyuki and the others help Reika and her student council out to prepare and take part of a Read-Aloud fairy tales to the children in an elementary school. However an EVILLLLLLL witch decides to interrupt their performance.


I was rather surprised how little spotlight Reika had in comparison to the other girls. I was stunned to see that her transformation turned out to be extremely short and simple (not that anyone who are sick of insanely long transformation sequences would complain). I found they could’ve given her a bit more screen time and a stronger role in this episode, especially when it’s her debut as a Precure.

Reika’s character instantly reminded me of a Queen. Her elegance, uses her brain, and is rather quick to accept things after having witnessed the facts for the first time. I was surprised to see that her purifying abilities was Blizzard (Ice) when I initially had thought her element was going to be Water- don’t ask why, I should’ve realized it from the OP in the first place if I actually bothered watching it even after episode 1 *headesks*.

I honestly have to laugh at the fact they coloured Snow White’s hair brown… when it’s actually black- at least in the Disney tales as far as I’m concerned. I ended up laughing hysterically when the Wicked Witch showed up and was all like, “Here have a POISONOUS APPLE!” and I grinned even more when she slapped Reika’s hand away.

Overall this was a disappointing debut for Reika, I was hoping a little but more as the others were far more exciting and entertaining. Now with all the Precures gathered (at least for now, who knows if they’ll decide to add another to the team in the future), hopefully there’ll be a lot more action next week.

Random Note…
Current Precure Team Transformation Time: 1:24


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