Shakugan no Shana III Episode 23: Creation of Xanadu

Wow…looks like it really was a happy ending, after all.


Yuuji reveals that the original plan was a decoy, and that the real Xanadu would be created after midnight, when the Reiji Maigo restores Sairei no Hebi’s power. As the clock strikes midnight, Rofocale exclaims that his god has descended to relay a message, and the Chanter of Awakenings, Shaher tells them of the new form the Engage Link have taken, and to accept this new Tomogara-human hybrid instead of telling them about the prohibition on consuming humans. Yuuji goes ahead and creates Xanadu anyway, but when the Flame Haze insignia still appears, Yuuji tells Bel Peol he has not changed it because of the Tomogara’s wish to accept the change. The Tomogara begin to leave for Xanadu, and Bel Peol removes Sairei no Hebi from Yuuji, who tells the Flame Haze that they’ve achieved their goal.


I did not expect that, at all. Yuuji’s large-scale plan actually worked – and for some reason, all the Tomogara accepted the changing insignia that would prohibit them from consuming humans in the new world. Which makes this entire battle kinda pointless, since that’s what the Flame Haze were trying to achieve in the first place!


I’m wondering what Xanadu is actually like – would it be a copy of the current world, or something totally different that would still make the Tomogara happy? They’ve been very unclear all along exactly what “paradise” would be. I’d laugh if that DNA-like passage ended up being some one way ticket to someplace that would seal off all the Tomogara. I doubt that would happen though – but then again, I’d never have thought that everyone would get a happy ending apart from Khamsin, who absolutely did not deserve to die. He was one of the oldest Flame Haze there as well, and I really felt sorry for both him and Kazumi, the human he was closest to ;_;

What did interest me was Shaher, Chanter of Awakenings’ proclamation as a god, to accept the new being that was apparently created by Pheles and Johann. What did cross my mind was that it may be Pheles and Johann’s baby (!) since that would technically be a human-Tomogara half-blood (excuse the HP term for it) and this may cause all sorts of interspecies problems in the new world. Well, there are humans at least in that world, since a rule was created not to eat them – so they must exist in Xanadu. LMAO, maybe it’s alright since Pheles looks human, but given the small amount of humanoid Tomogara, it must be awkward for some of the other more…youkai looking ones xD

So Sairei no Hebi’s consciousness can be removed from Yuuji, much like how Alastor’s in that pendant – I guess the reason they didn’t do it before was at Sairei’s request. Anyway, Yuuji gets to keep his cool hair and outfit, so that’s absolutely fine with me. I love how he’s on such good terms with Bal Masque as well – and Sydonay’s even staying behind to help fight Shana, since Yuuji’s now ultra-weak compared to before o.O Sydonay might be doing it to duke it out with Margery anyway, since there’s no reason he should stick around with Yuuji any longer.

So now everyone’s happy apart from Yuuji and Shana, whose conflict we’ll finally see resolved. I don’t know why they’d still be at odds given the fact they both achieved their objective, but if anything, those two deserve a happy ending as well.

It’s the end of Shana next week guys! Been a long run, hasn’t it? I kinda wish they hadn’t put “Final” on the series title, but I guess everything has to end eventually. We’ve had our ups and downs with the series as a whole, but I’m glad I’m able to call myself a Shana fan <3


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