Senki Zesshou Symphogear Ep 11: Finè’s Revelation

The girls rush back to the Academy where they discover is nothing but ruins. They are confronted by Ryoko who reveals herself as Finè and gives them the explanation of who she is, how she came to be, and what she is trying to accomplish.


This was such an intense episode, I was freaking out so much for everyone! I have to give Miku and Shinji credit for standing up against Finè while they have no power- however both of them ended up getting hurt. Poor Miku was punched and bitchslapped!!!!

So what happened was, Ryoko herself- was not the one to commit the crimes and organize the schemes. Instead it turned out that she was the victim as she was consumed by Finè (a sealed Priestess) when Tsubasa had accidentally awakened her because at that time, Ryoko expirenced an Aufwachen waveform. Honestly, I do wonder whether there is even the slightest bit of Ryoko’s conscious left, but judging how we’ve seen Finè behave throughout the show, it’s highly unlikely and she probably was right that Ryoko no longer exists.

Genjurou is badass and awesome. I can’t get over how he is actually up to par with Finè’s strength and deliver damage to the Nehushtan armour, which the girls are struggling to do. I freaked so much when he was stabbed, so I’m relieved he’s still alive- but I doubt we’ll be seeing anymore action from him unless it’s his last resort to save the others.

If anything, next week I’m almost certain after hearing that horrified scream coming from Hibiki means she’s going to go into her Berserk-Mode. Throughout the show, we’ve seen her go berserk without even realizing it,and judging Finè’s previous explanations about her study on Hibiki, it probably has to do with the Relic taking over her body, a side effect basically- and whenever negative emotions or she becomes unstable, she’ll lose control of her conscious.

Although I have to say that the combat scenes weren’t the best, it was still relatively good. I won’t lie that I found some of the explosions’ quality quite pathetic, but thankfully as least the combat was in better shape and weren’t a complete blur.


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1 Response


    oh boy when i saw cat out of the bag yea really so much quote travis touchdown “i’m going to need SHOCK treatment to get over this one!”

    so fine launch full attack on school while miku trying to get everyone to safety.
    here noise oh Tsubasa’s sidekick just arrive to rescue miku.
    get to elevator here come fine & shooting the doobi oh no bad idea.
    here genjuro vs fine genjuro doing well til ryoko voice appear in fine’s mouth.
    ow on genjuro’s guts but he ok & all comp are down.
    hibiki, tsubasa, & chris arrive see ryoko but she is also fine.
    to reveal it all FINE IS SPLIT PERSONALITY/SPIRIT THAT HAS CONTROL POSSESSED ryoko like over long time 12yrs ago.
    & reason she free due to tsubasa’s singing on ancient stuff (so yea blame on it tsubasa).
    yet main plan is bring tower to appear as a cannon to BLOW UP THE MOON!!!
    so yea all 3 vs fine while other watch.
    cannon on ready to fire & yet chris went all the way aka swan’s song.
    stop the blast, save the moon give small piece was hit, & going down.

    oh boy got wonder hmm 50/50 for if chris to survive give recall tsubasa survive her swan song?

    & yea hibiki look like going to snap

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