Ozma Episode 1: Confusing but Enjoyable [First Impressions]

Summary/Trolling Space – Vantage

Totally working on the Amagami posts I should be doing instead of this. Right, so our protagonist is a fusion of every Yugioh protagonist to date a guy called Sam (wow, original much?) that just happens to be out in the desert at the same time a suspicious girl is in the same desert running away from some equally suspicious blaster ships from the military. Then this giant Pokemon (we’re still not sure exactly why a sand Wailord has spikes) turns up and since Satoshi/Ash Sam wants to CATCH ‘EM ALL he goes straight towards the giant life-threatening sand wall because that’s the safest thing to do and ends up saving the girl because otherwise he’ll be FOREVER ALONEEEE. He also wants to try out Skitty on Wailord, since he got tired of the mudkipz meme some time ago. So i herd.

When Sam and Maya (isn’t that an amazing name for a sacrifice/priestess/princess/oracle) return to the ship-village thing, everyone wonders why he went out to catch his Wailord and came back with a girl that has the social skills of a rock instead, I’m sure in that world, pretty girls and Wailords look exactly the same with a blonde girl especially jelly of him since she’s probably been trying to attract his attention for the past…uh, rest of his life. THIRD WHEEL SIGHTED GUYS.

After attracting the attention of half the ship’s crew (as well as the totally not evil doctor cough cough) he meets with the captain who might be a girl or a boy or a Hideyoshi (I think it’s a girl) and can read tarot cards like something out of Persona. Anyway, the military turns up and kills them all, the end.

Okay I lied, Maya reveals herself willingly to them since she stole the precious thing and the captain who is not as cool as Kato Marika taunts the military at their crappy Touhou danmaku skills (since they play on EASY MODO) and performs some hyper-jump to look for the golden ghost ship because her/his dream is to be Hokage/find One Piece/collect all the Dragon Balls/save the world from the enemy that will hopefully reveal themselves soon. Also the ship leaves some sand whirlpool behind, since according to totally friendly evil other captain (see above) this ship can dive.

Into sand.


In all seriousness, it was pretty good. Just confusing. Also it’s six episodes.

Eva First Impression:

Thank you Vantage for your epic summary/impression. *Highfives*

8D I have no idea what’s going on which is precisely why we decided to mess around with the summary, but somehow, I was able to enjoy this! First of all, desert pirates, OH HELL YES!!! Instant win for me! Moreover, the captain is SUPER BADASS. They were shooting at her and she wasn’t even fazed! She even read tarot cards which is another win because I love characters that can do that.

We have no idea why Maya is running from the Military, she looks like she’s a princess, priestess or some really important person. We know nothing about the captain of the military, but he’s also pretty badass- but it’s because of the mask, that’s it.

The animation and character design is so different than what we’re used to seeing now days- and I’m loving it. Certainly there’s some awkward designs and I’m not too fond of, but yet I’m not bothered by it too much. The whole old-school texture and design is a big plus for me.

In the end, because of the lack of explanation of what the hell is going, I’m not too sure about whether this is something I’d like to blog. Moreover, this show is supposed to only have six episodes, and it makes me wonder how on earth they will make things work out when they debuted on a rather rough and confusing note.

Possibility of Blogging: Unsure – will vary on how Episode 2 turns out…
Possibility of Watching: Guaranteed 


Kaitou’s Impressions:
This whole episode was full-blown blast from the from the past. For anyone that have any experience with Space Battleship Yamato, Galaxy Express 999 or Galaxy Railways, this is the kind of stuff that causes chills to run up your spine for no good reason at all. It’s the general expression of old-school epicness that causes this…the reason that Astro Boy will never die, or Doraemon will forever be in the hearts of millions of adults.

I was really surprised that the show was named after the sandwhales in the story, but it plays on breaking the expectations that everyone has. I was really surprised that the captain was female, and I foresee a strong show with genuine female characters that aren’t just props. Maya may be your typical damsel-in-distress, but the mystery and altruistic nature of hers will come into play later.

The best part was when the captain held her ground, and pretty much told the Char Aznoble-esque dude to EAT HER SANDSHIP’S DUST. AHAHAHAHA, TAKE THAT, MYSTERY EVIL MILITARY! o u o /


The art style…is a little awkward. I like the colouring that imitates the old anime, but the proportions are a bit weird, with the head larger than they’re supposed to be. It’s almost like the animators aren’t used to drawing to drawing in such a rugged style. I don’t mind it, but the proportions are a little iffy- even if the overall work is fine.

But yeah, the lack of explaination for everything was a bit off-putting. No overview of the government structure in that world, why Sam is always in trouble, things like that. But I foresee grand battles of ships and whales. And lots and lots of good old storytelling with old anime archetypes.

Possibility of Blogging: Most Likely
Possibility of Watching: Guaranteed

Stay tuned for Oki’s First impression!


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