Mirai Nikki [future diary] ep 21: bringin that motha DOOOOOWN

Welp time to kill Eleventh while I cry over last episode….continuously….

Ninth warns Yuki that if he fails to kill Eleventh, she’ll kill him herself. She hasn’t forgotten about her eye…or letting Nishijima die.

BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW I HAVENT EITHEEEER bawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

So Ninth and Yuki chase down Eleventh to Gasai Bank, which is being foreclosed and taken over by the city. He goes into the vault and the door closes, but they manage to get the code and the key from Eleventh’s secretary…unfortunately for them, there is a second door, which the code does nothing on. Eleventh comments that the only people who could get in are the owners of the bank…and their daughter, Gasai Yuno. But the real Yuno is now a skeleton and long dead…so it seems like they have no way to get to Eleventh.

Ninth is true to her word and shoots at Yuki.

Yuki manages to avoid the bullet and run down the steps to hide from Ninth, but even his diary predicts she’ll find him. Meanwhile Ninth explains to him that she likes him, but there’s no way his happy fairy tale can just come true like that. She even understands where he’s coming from. Yuki actually manages to trick her by writing a message on a notepad for Yuno, which causes Yuno to panic and his phone to make the noise of the future changing. Yuki then disarms Ninth and she continues talking to him, but she doesn’t give up and attacks him. Yuki shoots her down and returns to the vault to try and figure out a way in.

Meanwhile Akise Aru is protecting Eighth from Yuno until Yuno discovers Yuki might be in danger.

Eleventh speaks to Yuki and talks about Ninth dying, only for Ninth to slowly make her way back into the vault. Instead of trying to kill Yuki she reveals a heart bomb and NO NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NINNNTTTH DON’T DIE ON ME LADY DON’TT. FUCKIN. DIE!!!! TEARS FUCKING TEARS. Anyway she reveals a bomb that will explode when her heart stops and give Yuki a chance to kill Eleventh, so she closes the vault and slowly begins to crush her phone in order to end her life. There, she sees a phantom of her younger self with her parents and cries, realizing that she too wanted to be saved.

She remarks that she saved her just like she wanted, and the little girl walks away. A phantom of Nishijima is beside Ninth who crushes her phone and dies, giving Yuki a chance to get into the vault…

Only for it to be revealed that the bomb did nothing and they have no way to reach Eleventh. Yuki cries as he realizes Ninth’s death was in vain, only for Yuno to run up to him (WITH A BIG ASS CREEPY SMILE ON HER FACE SON O___O), and then reassure him, telling him to go after Eighth while she keeps an eye on Eleventh. He leaves, and Yuno walks forward…..and is able to open the vault somehow?! Eleventh can’t believe it’s real and has a look of horror on his face as Yuno enters the vault with a smile on her face.


But now the question remains…HOW THE FUCK DID SHE GET IN THERE AND HOW DID SHE MANAGE TO GET EVEN FUCKING CRAZIER? Man your parents fucked you up, girl.




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